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Glytch Montoya

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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 9!!!

Chaos Pacificae (9)

February 7, 2018


[WARNING!!!: This is the ninth installment of this story. If you haven't read the previous eight installments, I must emphatically advise that you READ THE FIRST EIGHT FIRST. Otherwise, you will be missing a great deal of the information and plot that has lead up to this point.] 

    On Lucida Major... 

    Pax and Keira were walking through the streets of the city, trying to keep a low profile. Keira, who had lived on Lucida Major for as long as she could remember, had already mastered this. Pax, on the other hand, had never had any reason to keep a low profile, so he was having to learn as they went. 
    The city looked horrible and miserable. The only light came from the street lamps that occasionally flickered off for a few seconds. There was litter everywhere. Nobody could see the sky because of the thick black smog. Any people that Pax and Keira saw just kept to themselves, rather than saying hello. 
    "You actually live here?" Pax said quietly, looking at their bleak surroundings. 
    "I wouldn't really call this 'living,' but yes," Keira responded. "Now keep your voice down. We don't wanna attract any unwanted attention." 
    "Got it," said Pax, lowering his voice to a whisper. 
    They kept walking in silence. 
    Wow, this place is a mess, Pax thought to himself. It's so dark. So gloomy. So... Sad... How could Keira live in a place like this? How could ANYONE live in a place like this? 
    Right then, Pax felt someone grab his shoulder, and he was yanked into an alleyway! Keira immediately noticed, and she went after him! 
    "How ya doin', kid?" said the guy that had grabbed Pax. He had a scratchy voice, his clothes were tattered, and his eyes lacked that spark of life that was so commonly seen on Candara Prime. 
    Keira caught up to them immediately. 
    "Hey, leave him alo-" Keira began, then stopped. She recognized that guy. "Murry?" 
    "Oh, long time no see, Keesa," said the man, whose name must have been Murry. 
    "It's Keira," Keira corrected. 
    "Wait, Keira, is this a friend of yours?" Pax asked. 
    "Not exactly," Murry responded. 
    "Not at all," Keira said coldly. "Now, would you let the guy go, Murry?" 
    "Hang on a sec, I wanted to ask him a question." 
    Murry then looked at Pax. 
    "Ya got any money?" 
    "No, sir," Pax replied. He only carried money when he was planning on buying something, and he wasn't planning on doing that today. 
    "Oh," said Murry with disdain. "Well, I'm sure you have something of value." 
    Murry then noticed the golden locket Pax was wearing. (The pull had caused his sweaters to come unbuttoned at the top, so the locket was visible). 
    "Ooh, that's a nice locket you got there," said Murry. 
    "Oh, thanks! I just got it today!" Pax said, not realizing what was happening. 
    "Now give it to me." 
    "Um, no thank you. I just got it, and I really like it," Pax said, still not realizing that he was being mugged. 
    "That wasn't a question, kid." 
    Murry then took out a knife. 
    "Give me the locket." 
    Pax froze. 
    As Murry reached out and grabbed the locket, something unexpected happened. As soon as Murry's hand touched the locket, the adamantite heart in the locket started glowing, and it burned his hand! 
    "YYOOOOWCH!" Murry exclaimed, quickly retracting his hand in pain. He also dropped his knife. 
    Pax looked at his locket. At that moment, the locket's glow faded away. 
    Murry was still reacting to the pain in his hand. The locket had left a really bad burn on his hand, in the shape of a heart. 
    "Oh my gosh oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," said Pax. "Here, let me try to help you." 
    Pax started to walk towards Murry, but Murry jumped back. 
    "No, you stay away from me, you freak!" 
    "No look, just, just let me help you! I just want to help." 
    "Oh, yeah, right, sure, I TOOOOOOTALLY believe that. NOT!" 
    "Murry! Stand still, God d*** it!" Keira exclaimed in frustration. 
    "Whoa! Language!" said Pax. 
    Murry stopped resisting. He stood still, and Pax went to tend to his burn. 
    "Oooh, that is quite the burn," said Pax. "That's gotta be, like, a 5th degree burn!" 
    "There's no such thing," Keira said. 
    "Well, I've never seen a burn this bad, and it's a lot worse than a third degree burn, so I figured a new term was warranted. Now, does it hurt to move your hand?" 
    Murry attempted to move his hand, then winced in pain. 
    "I'll take that as a yes." 
    Pax then reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of medical bandage wrap. 
    "Wait, you just keep a roll of bandage tape in your pocket?" Keira asked, surprised. 
    "You never know when you'll need it." 
    Pax then unwound a strip of the tape, then ripped that strip off with his teeth. He put the rest of the roll back in his pocket, and he wrapped the strip around Murry's hand. 
    "Does that feel better?" Pax asked once he was done. 
    "Y-yeah, kinda," Murry responded. 
    "It'll take a while to fully heal, so you're gonna wanna keep that tape on there." 
    "G-got it. Uh..." 
    Murry was in a state of confusion. 
    "...Why did you help me?" 
    "You were hurt," said Pax, "and I don't like seeing people get hurt. Especially when they don't really deserve it." 
    "I'm, uh, I'm pretty sure I deserved it." 
    "And I don't believe that." 
    "I'm a pretty bad person." 
    "I don't believe THAT, either. You're not a bad person. You just need someone to guide you, that's all. Anyone can be a kind person if they just try to be." 
    "I, uh, I don't understand. Why are being so... Nice to me? In a place like this, kindness gets ya killed." 
    "Well, I was always taught that kindness is always the best way to go. If you show someone a little kindness, they may return the favor." 
    "Wow, I, uh, I never thought about that. I'll definitely remember this. Thanks, uh..." 
    "Pax. My name is Pax." 
    "Got it. Thanks, Pax." 
    At that moment, Pax noticed something different in Murry's eyes. Something that hadn't been there at first. A faint spark of life. 
    "Well, I guess I'll be goin' now," said Murry. 
    "Bye, Murry!" said Pax. 
    And with that, Murry walked away. 
    Keira was just standing there, staring at Pax, trying to process what just happened. Pax noticed her stare. 
    "...What?" Pax said. 
    "That was probably one of the least likely things that anyone would see in this place. Kindness." 
    "Well, I guess it's a good thing I came here. I think I just made a difference." 
    "You know, he probably hasn't learned anything from this." 
    "I'd beg to differ. While we were talking after I wrapped his hand, I noticed a little light in his eyes that wasn't there before. A little... life." 
    Keira was silent. 
    He brought life back into Murry's eyes? Keira thought to herself. Wow. I didn't even think that was possible. 
    "Well," said Keira, "we should probably keep going." 
    "Okay," said Pax. 
    With that, the two of them left the alleyway and continued their walk. 

    Eventually, they made it out of the city. 
    "Wait," said Pax, "what about your home? I never got to see the place where you live." 
    "That's because I don't have one," said Keira. "I'm, uh, homeless. A wanderer... A street rat." 
    "Oh... I'm sorry, I, uh, I didn't know..." 
    "It's fine, I've gotten used to it." 
    Right then, Keira stopped walking. Pax, noticing this, stopped walking as well. 
    "We probably shouldn't wander too far from the city," said Keira. "The further away you go, the more shadolbargs you're likely to see." 
    Pax shuddered a little bit. 
    "Yeah, I'm totally fine with never seeing one of those again," said Pax. 
    "Well, now you've seen Lucida Major. Now would be a good time for Linden to show up..." 
    Right then, Linden showed up, startling Pax and Keira. 
    "I completely agree, Keira," said Linden. 
    "Okay, you have GOT to stop jump scaring us like that," said Keira. "It's getting on my nerves." 
    "Well, I'm sorry if I can't tap on your shoulder or play a trumpet fanfare whenever I show up. It's kind of sudden for me, too." 
    "What do you mean?" Pax asked. 
    "Well, when I became a ghost, due to a certain aforementioned back alley incident-" 
    "This again?" said Keira. "Really?" 
    "It just happened a couple of hours ago. I have a right to still be a bit peeved out it. Anyway, when I became a ghost, I may have been freed from the constraints of the living, but being dead also has some limitations, especially for me." 
    "Why?" said Pax. 
    "Well, not everyone becomes a ghost when they die. Usually, the only ones that become ghosts are the ones that have unfinished business, such as I. My unfinished business is helping you two on your-" 
    "Yeah yeah," said Keira, cutting him off, "helping us with our 'big, multiverse-saving, life-changing thing that you can't tell us about,' right?" 
    "...Correct," said Linden, "and it's rude to interrupt someone when they're speaking. Anyway, yes, that is my unfinished business, and because of this, I can only show up when I am wanted or mentioned by the two of you. Otherwise, I'm sort of stuck in some kind of strange limbo-type plane, where I can still see what you're doing for the most part." 
    "Okay, now that that's settled," said Keira, "What happens next?" 
    "Well, the thing is, I can't really tell you much, other than a suggestion for where you can go to find out. I'd recommend going to Coronet Iota next. There are plenty of people there who may be able to aid you. Ask around for someone called 'Sammy Storm.'" 
    "Uh, 'Sammy Storm'?" Keira repeated. 
    "Yes, Sammy Storm. They should be able to help you find your next destination. Well, that's my cue to leave. See you la-" 
    "Wait!" Pax said. "I have a question!" 
    "Oh, what is it?" 
    "Um, it's about something that happened a few minutes ago. A guy named Murry tried to-" 
    "Wait, you've met Murry?" 
    "Long story. Anyway, he tried to grab my locket, but when he touched it, it burned him. How did it do that?" 
    "Remember: adamantite is a legendary mineral. Its attributes are as mysterious and amazing as they are confusing, but there's one thing that's clear: not everyone is capable of touching it." 
    "But, why is-" 
    "Well, I really must be going now! For now, I must bid you adieu!" 
    Linden did a fancy bow, a fancy spin, and disappeared! 
    "...I always enjoy these chats with him," said Pax, smiling. 
    "Well, ready to go? I know I am." 
    "Yes. I do not want to stand here and get attacked by another shadow-whatsits." 
    Keira took out her meteor knife and Core. Pax took out his Core and opened his locket. 
    "Chaos Pacificae!" they shouted in unison. 
    Then, light enveloped them, and they both disappeared! 

To be continued... 
Part 9!!! Dang, this one is getting long! I'm really enjoying writing this one, and I hope that anyone who bothers to read it is enjoying reading it just as much as I enjoy writing it! 

...So, on a totally unrelated topic (not), what would you call a hybrid creature that has the torso and face of a human, the legs of a horse, and antlers like a deer? 


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  • Lee Fudge

    That sounds good.

    over 1 year ago
  • Glytch Montoya


    Also, I discovered that a human-deer hybrid is called a cervitaur, buuuuut... The thing you just said gave me an idea. I could combine some words! How about... Cencervitaur?

    over 1 year ago
  • Lee Fudge

    Good work!

    And in response to your unrelated topic, how about an Antlered Centaur?

    over 1 year ago