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Wow, it's been a while! In case you didn't know (how could you, anyway?) I have been hit with the flu. Apparently, this flu is a mutation or something and is really bad so that is kind of why I haven't written anything. I really haven't done anything except sleep for the past two weeks.

Anyway, about this piece, this is an IMAGINARY story. I do not have dogs named Apollo or Artemis. However, this is how I imagine my future will look like. It will look like me with my awesome dogs and we're coming back to the city that I grew up in. The setting of the story takes place in my old neighborhood, actually, except that everything is gone and is replaced with a company building! I really hope that that doesn't happen but who knows? This future is in a decade or two so it actually might.
Like I said, the story itself is imaginary and has not happened. However, my feelings and the memories I mention are true. All of that stuff happened when I was younger. So, this is a little piece of me and I hope you enjoy. (By the way, sorry that this is so long!) Oh, and give honest feedback! Thanks

Old Life

February 6, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

My stomach churns tightly. I feel my skin breaking from my sharp fingernails as I dig into my palms. Apollo brushes against my thigh and tugs at his leash impatiently. I force myself to keep walking and lead him towards the towering building. He and his sister, Artemis, are both impatient and eagerly sniff everything that we pass. 
But, I don't care for the scenery. There isn't much. Just a few fake trees here and there. I feel my chest heaving beneath my thick jacket and feel the sweat coming down my neck. 
I stop in front of the building and almost, almost, start crying. It isn't what should be there. It is big and metal and full of empty people. Why? 
As if sensing my hurt and anger, Artemis licks my palm. I look down at her. I remember when I first bought her. She was just born out of a small group of pups. They were all beautiful Alaskan Huskies but I chose her because she was unique. She had been an albino. I found it fitting that an albino puppy would be named after the Greek moon goddess. 
Apollo was a different story. I had passed by the park when I was working out and here came this adorable puppy. He stopped me in my tracks and immediately tried to lick my face when I bent down to scratch his ears. He had no home so I adopted him. I had always wanted a German Shepherd anyway. 
I shake my head to clear my thoughts and get on my knees. Apollo immediately licks my cheek but I don't smile. Whimpering, he sits down and lays his head on my thigh. Artemis keeps standing but brushes her nose against my forehead. "Listen guys. I have a story to tell you." 
Their ears perk up slightly and I know that they're listening. With my eyes on the double glass doors of the building, I start. "There used to be a neighborhood here. It wasn't perfect, I admit. It was considered a crime neighborhood and the people there didn't have money. But it was home to so many people. And they weren't bad, I promise. You guys would have liked them.
"There was... a house right in the center of the street. This house was always filled with people. The family--my family-- grew as more people were added and shrunk as people moved out. There were always visitors and parties. And yes, there was also at least one dog currently residing there. We weren't rich. But we loved it. Next door? There was a couple that barely went outside. They had this... huge pool that no one used! And on the other side of them, there was a really nice woman. She smoked a lot but it was okay. Her house was nice and she had a lot of family too. 
"Across the street from the neighborhood, where that parking lot is right now--there were more houses, guys, but too many to describe-- there was a school. An elementary school, mind you. On the outside, it looked like a school for kids that didn't care. But it was the best school in the entire world." My voice fades from my ears and I see it. Instead of the towering building, I see my childhood home and my neighbors home. I turn and see the huge school with the gates surrounding it. 
Tears start falling from my eyes.
All of my memories, good and bad, come flooding in. Running in the yard with my brother spraying the hose at me. Trying to wash the car with our bodies. Running across the street to get to school when we were late. Chasing after my crazy dogs. Eating watermelons in the summer on top of the car. Packing our bags and putting them in the car. Saying goodbye to my best friends. Watching as the neighborhood faded from sight. 
Artemis nudges me with her nose again and the memories fade. I stand to my feet and tighten my grip on their leashes. "But guess what, guys. It's okay. Because they can take away the school, the houses, the street, the driveway. But they can never take away my memories. Let's go home, okay?" 
As I walk away from that towering building, I don't feel the pain. I just feel the memory of the breeze as I walked this same path every day as a kid. 


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