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I'm a teenager who loves reading, daydreaming and writing.

The Snow Stopper

October 23, 2015

“Savannah!” Maxine Icicle tore through the palace doors like a whirlwind. “Maynolt!”
“Whoa, slow down sis.” Maynolt said, grabbing his younger sister by the shoulders after she nearly collided with him in the corridor. “What’s going on?”
“They’re having an ice show outside! And guess what? The finale is Ice Storm!”
Maynolt’s eyes went wide. “No way, really? I’m there.”
“Great, now where’s Savannah?”
“Wherever there’s a mirror?”
Maxine folded her arms. “Maynolt…”
He held up his hands in surrender. “Fine, fine, her room.”
Rolling her eyes the blue-skinned princess ran off to her sister’s room, her silver pony-tail flying out behind her.
When she burst unannounced into her dear older sister’s room she found her trying to drag a hairbrush through her knotty hair.
“Whoa, what happened to you?”
“Some kids threw a snow-ball at me, it got in my hair and then froze solid. God, I hate kids.” Savannah muttered.
“Whatever scrooge. Look, they're having the ice-competition of the year outside, and the finale is ice-storm.”
Savannah stopped yanking her hair out and twirled round to meet her sister’s eyes, raising one perfectly plucked eyebrow. “Really?”
“And you think I’m interested because…”
Maxine looked at her like she’d lost her head. “Because…you have to be! I mean what’s not to like, 10 of the most powerful ice-people in the ice-kingdom getting together to showcase their powers! I mean, think of the ice-sculptures that’ll be created! The hails that’ll be whipped up, not to mention the finale is ice-storm! Only the most powerful move ever, the icy winds, the hale the snow all whipped together to create the perfect amount of confusion, destruction and beauty!” Maxine clutched her chest and collapsed onto Savannah’s bed, much to the others displeasure.
Going back to dealing with the mess that was her hair Savannah said. “Two things, first of all, I know what it is, dummy. Secondly is that it or have you got any more reasons?”
Maxine rolled over and positioned herself so she could see her sister’s reflection. “Mum and dad are in it.” She said smugly.
Savannah sighed. Nicely played, Maxine. There was no way Savannah would miss seeing her dad performing in it. And her mum, of course.  “Whatever. C’mon let’s go.” And together the two of them walked out. 


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