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The Union: Chapter Two

February 5, 2018


Sergi held a public announcement at the Chairman Office Building, where many of the city’s citizens gathered around to see their glorious leader. 

“Comrades!” Sergi yelled,”We at government have biggest news!”

The crowd murmured, they liked big news.

”We have gotten new vegetable!” Sergi yelled, then pulled out of the vegetables in question,”It is called, the carrot!”

”But what about potato!?” A farmer yelled.

”You can still eat potato!” Sergi yelled, to crowd’s relief.

”Also, you can make stew out of them!” Sergi said. The crowd roared, they liked big news, but they loved stew, so the farmer immediately went to get seeds to grow this new vegetable, and to make this stew.

”We did good, Ivan,” Sergi said,”But we can do the better, The Union needs a face.”

”A...face?” Ivan said, understandably confused.

’Yes,” Sergi afirmed,”Someone that we can put on poster. They must have something everyone in Union want, but they can’t possibly have.”

“Like the person on cover of girly fashion magazine?” Ivan asked.

“You get it already,” 


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