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The New York Times

September 25, 2014

PROMPT: Open Prompt


"When the New York Times said God was dead, and the war's begun," Elton John, in Levon

The New York Times paper is one of the most steady, anchored things in modern society. Phony principles create the type, but it is always something to find stability in crisis. Its pulpy pages hold grounded routine of business and weather, printed in default. God is just as apparent in our realm of conscience. More of an idea, a backbone to be strengthened with, than a physical being.
These two things are in the blood of our groomed society. Holding our brains in place, as well as our hearts. If one factor pronounces the other dead, then the tedious, fine-tuned sanity they both provide, is gone.

This lyric of "Levon," by Elton John, strikes a chord with me every time I hear it, and this was just a quick piece of what I think when I hear it.


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