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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

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Part 8!!! It's half past midnight where I am, so I probably won't be posting anything else tonight.

Chaos Pacificae (8)

February 7, 2018


[WARNING!!!: The following story is the eighth installment of this story that doesn't get as much attention as I think it deserves. If you haven't read the first seven installments, you really should read them, starting with one, then two, then three, and going in numerical order until you get back here. Once you do that, you'll be morally fine reading beyond this warning.] 

    Previously on "Chaos Pacificae"... 

    Our protagonists have taken a trip to Candara Prime, Pax's home world, and Keira got a chance to see what gave Pax the disposition he has. Now, in the spirit of fairness, they are going to Lucida Major, Keira's world. Let's see how Pax reacts to such a drastically different environment... 

    On Lucida Major... 

    Pax and Keira were transported just outside of a large city on Lucida Major. Just like Candara Prime, the meteor shower had temporarily ended there. 
    However, the view was drastically different from that of Candara Prime. The only light came from the dim street lamps, and the sky was completely covered by thick black smog. Any grass that had once been in that area was either dead, dying, or paved over a long time ago. 
    As soon as they arrived, Pax immediately started coughing. He wasn't used to the air being so polluted. 
    "You're not gonna be coughing the entire time, are you?" said Keira, a bored look on her face. 
    "I, uh, [cough cough!]... Why am I coughing? [COUGH! COUGH COUGH!]" said Pax between coughing fits. 
    "Ugh, it's because of the low air quality on this world. You'll get used to it eventually. Look, if we're both gonna survive, then it would probably be best for us to split up." 
    Pax was done coughing by that point. His lungs had acclimated to the environment. 
    "Wait, what? Why?" 
    "Because," said Keira, "in a place like this, you've gotta fend for yourself." 
    And I could use a little time to myself, Keira thought to herself. 
    "But, why? Why can't people help each other here?" 
    Keira sighed. 
    "Look," said Keira, "I know you're new to the concept of being in mortal danger, so let me explain something to you. Lucida Major is cutthroat. Literally. In this world, it's steal or starve. Kill or be killed. If you show even the slightest sign of weakness, you're a goner. So, just try not to get killed, okay?" 
    Keira then started walking away. 
    "Oh," said Keira as she walked away, "and watch out for shadolbargs." 
    Right then, Pax got knocked back by something! It was a big, bulky, grotesque, shadowy creature, with disproportionate body parts, no neck, and glowing yellow semicircles for eyes. 
    A shadolbarg. 
    Quickly, Pax started scrambling to try to get up (because the hit knocked him backwards AND onto his back), but he couldn't get his legs to work properly. So, he just sort of scooted backwards as fast as he could as this grotesque creature of darkness lurched towards him, making horrible guttural grunting noises. 
    Pax was feeling something that he had very little experience with. Pax was... Afraid. Terrified, even. This was the first time that he had ever felt like he was in mortal danger, because it was the first time that he had ever truly BEEN in mortal danger! This shadolbarg was clearly set on killing him, and he had absolutely nothing to defend himself. 
    At that point, Pax couldn't back up anymore, and the shadolbarg raised its... Uh, fists? (Yeah, let's go with that). The shadolbarg raised its "fists," preparing to crush Pax! 
    Then, suddenly, Keira, wielding her normal knife, ran between them, slashed the shadolbarg across the torso and "face," and stabbed it in the general stomach area! The shadolbarg let out a cry of disgusting, shadowy agony, fell to the ground, and evaporated into nothing (because that's what happens when you kill a shadolbarg). 
    Pax was actually a bit surprised that Keira had come back to save him. He thought she had left. She almost did, too, but when she heard the shadolbarg attack him, she knew that he didn't stand a chance. 
    Pax couldn't help but stare at Keira, truly surprised. Keira noticed this, and got a bit uncomfortable. 
    "Don't think that this is because I like you or anything," said Keira. "It's just that at this moment, my survival happens to depend on yours. So, don't read too much into it." 
    Pax may have been as naive as a chirping chickit, but he recognized how suspiciously specific that denial was. He didn't really think too much of it, though. He just played along. 
    "Okay?" Pax said in a playfully suspicious manner. 
    "...Just, just get up." 
    Smiling a little bit, Pax managed to get up. 
    "Hooooo, okay," said Keira, pinching the bridge of her nose with her thumb and index finger (it's something she does when her basic feeling is "you have GOT to be kidding me, this is so annoying it hurts"), "I think it's pretty obvious that you're not ready to take on Lucida Major alone. Considering we haven't even been here 5 minutes and you've already nearly gotten yourself killed, I think we're gonna have to stick together." 
    "I have no problem with that," said Pax. "I think that was gonna happen anyw-" 
    "Sh-shush, just, just stop talking for a sec..." 
    Keira was looking at what Pax was wearing. She was taking a good look at him. 
    "Nope," said Keira after a little while. "This is all wrong. There's no way you'll blend in looking like this." 
    "What? What's wrong with how I look?" Pax asked, confused. 
    "Nothing. That's the problem. You look like you're well off. You might as well be wearing a neon sign that says 'Hey, thieves! Come murder me!' You need to look, well, rough." 
    "How do I do that?" 
    "Well, for starters, you need to hide that locket, but it needs to be somewhere that you can still feel it, because otherwise, any thief could take it." 
    "Uh, I could hide it under my sweater and button it up?" 
    "That could work, but that's another thing. The clothes you're wearing. The colors are too bright. You're gonna need something to--oh my gosh, you're wearing sandals. Seriously?" 
    "What? I come from a world that's in a state of perpetual spring. What did you expect?" 
    "Ugh, we're just gonna have to make this work. Okay, hide the locket, button up the sweaters, and try to look less... Well, you." 
    "Gee, don't I feel special, huh?" 
    "Trust me. If you really knew what this world was like, you'd take that as a compliment." 
    "I know. I was trying to do you. I was being sarcastic and cynical. Did I do it right?" 
    "Eh, just don't say anything, okay? Also, wipe that smile off of your face. In a place like this, you either look scared, angry, both, or blank. I'm not even sure if you're capable of being angry for real, much less faking it, so let's try scared." 
    "I'm not sure if that'll work. I like smiling, and I'm not scared right now." 
    "Think about that shadolbarg. It's not the only one on the planet, you know. There are tons of those things lurking around." 
    "Aw, geez," Pax said, his smile taking a more fearful appearance (sort of like a grimace). 
    "There ya go! Just try to keep a face like that. Also, try hunching over. It's hard to look well off when you have bad posture."
    "Wait, how come you're not doing any of this stuff?" said Pax as he hunched over. 
    "Because I'm dressed like a Lucidian, so I can blend in without trying. You don't have that advantage." 
    "Fair enough." 
    Then, the two of them walked into the city. 
Part 8! (This is slowly but surely catching up with "Ender" in terms of number of parts, and most of these are significantly longer than those!) Pax didn't even make it five minutes on Lucida Major before he got attacked by something. 

Also, I am posting this at half past midnight where I am, since I've been swamped with homework the whole week. (I don't think I'll be able to finish LASL's 7-day writing challenge because of my homework load...) 

...and i'm still doing homework. i seriously hate the guy that decided that homework should be for everyone. homework should go back to being what it was when it was first invented: a punishment for bad kids. 


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