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Just an Average Vampire: Chapter Six

February 4, 2018


The stagecoach arrived at Frankfurt at 1:00 A.M., with everyone but the undead sleeping.

 Von Leopold got out of the stagecoach, and said,” They should,be getting here any moment now...”

Suddenly, a man getting pulled along by a rather large dog come out of a bush. The dog stopped at Von Leopold’s feet.

”Ah, there you are, Jakob,” Von Leopold said, petting the dog,”How long does he have before he turns back?”

”Seven hours, Sir,” Mosby, the caretaker of the werewolf, said.

”Zhat’s plenty of time,” Von Leopold remarked.

“Do you wish to take his leash, Sir?” Mosby asked.

”Vell, thank you,” Von Leopold said, taking the leash. He then took out a piece of cloth, and said,”Jakob follow zis scent vill you?”

Jakob smelt it, and then immediately ran towards something, presumably the building Wilhelmine was holed up in.


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