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Glytch Montoya

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I've been writing short stories and poems independently for a while now. In fact, whenever I get the chance, I work on my short stories, for which I use the word "short" VERY loosely. I'm looking forward to seeing your opinions!

Message to Readers

Part 7!!! There may or may not be a bit of a gap between now and the next time I publish an installment of this one. It depends on my opportunities.

Chaos Pacificae (7)

February 4, 2018


[WWWWAAAARRRRNNNNIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!: This is the seventh installment of this story (what else would the big "7" mean?). If you haven't read the previous six installments, I highly advise you to do that BEFORE you read this one, but AFTER you finish reading this warning. These stories are designed to be read in order. It's not like those TV shows where each episode can stand alone, with the occasional two-parter. This is an every-parter, if that makes any sense whatsoever.] 
{Suggestion: If you do not speak Spanish, I would suggest looking up "" to translate.} 

    Pax and Keira soon reached Padre La Paz's garden. It had gated walls covered in ivy, and the roof gave the plants exposure to the sun. Sure enough, he was there, with his back turned, tending to some lavender and hibiscuses. 
    Pax made a gesture towards Keira, silently saying "Let me do the talking." Keira agreed, since she didn't really know how to deal with adults. Then, Pax knocked on the little door. 
    "Entra," said Padre La Paz without looking back. 
    Pax opened the door, and he and Keira walked in, with Pax closing the door behind them. 
    "Buenos dias, Padre La Paz," said Pax, putting the pot of calendula flowers on the floor nearby. 
    "Buenos dias, Pax. Como estas?" 
    "Bien, y t---uh, y usted?" 
    "Muy bien, gracias." 
    "Usted queria verme?" 
    "Si. Lily estaba preocupada por ti, como yo." 
    "Lo siento mucho, Padre. Uh, tengo una amiga nueva conmigo." 
    "Ah, una amiga nueva?" 
    "Si. Este es Keira." 
    Padre La Paz stopped gardening for a moment. 
    "...Su nombre es Keira?" Padre La Paz asked slowly. 
    "Uh, si?" Pax replied, matching Padre La Paz's slowness. 
    At that point, Padre La Paz stood up, put down the gardening tool he was using, and turned around. He was a Hispanic-looking man in his mid-to-late thirties. When he saw Keira, he jumped a little bit, slightly startled. He just stared at her. 
    "...Uh, hi?" said Keira. "I haven't understood most of what you two just said, so I'm really confused." 
    "Forgive me, I can speak English as well," said Padre La Paz, "I just wasn't aware that Pax had a guest. Especially not... Una chica Lucidiana." 
    "Okay, I think I understood that last part. How did you know I was from Lucida Major?" 
    Padre La Paz didn't answer at first. Instead, he looked at Keira, then at Pax, then at Keira again. 
    "...I should have known," said Padre La Paz finally. "When Lily said that Pax had disappeared when he read the engravings of a meteor locket, I should have known that this would happen. Pax, Keira... You have the adamantite Cores, no?" 
    Pax and Keira both instinctively reached for the Cores in their pockets. When they did this, Padre La Paz's eyes lit up a little bit. 
    "Increible. El mundo rechazo morir." 
    "Uh, what does that mean?" Keira asked. 
    "It means 'Incredible. The world refused to die,'" Pax translated, "but what does that mean, Padre?" 
    "It means that there is hope for the multiverse after all," said Padre La Paz. 
    Padre La Paz then reached into his pocket and retrieved a small piece of paper. He unfolded it, then showed it to Pax and Keira. The piece of paper said: "Chaos Pacificae". 
    "Was this what was engraved in the locket?" 
    "Y-yes, that's it exactly, Padre!" 
    "And I assume that these words were also engraved on your chuchillo del meteorito, Keira?" 
    Pax shuddered when Padre La Paz said the word "chuchillo." 
    "...Okay, since Pax shuddered when you said that, I'm guessing 'chuchillo' means knife. How did you know about my meteor knife?" 
    At that point, Padre La Paz chuckled a little bit. 
    "I've been waiting a long time for this day. Sixteen years, in fact." 
    "Sixteen years," said Keira, "Just like Linden." 
    Right then, as if he had been conjured, Linden appeared in the room! 
    "I was wondering how long it would take for someone to mention me!" said Linden with a chuckle. "By the way, I love what you've done with this garden. The natural colours are wonderful on the eyes." 
    Padre La Paz was shocked when Linden appeared, but then, he smiled. 
    "Azor? Mi amigo viejo?" 
    "More like 'amigo fantasmal,' right, Henry?" 
    "Wait, Henry?" said Pax. 
    "Yes, Pax. That's what I call this bloke, since it's kind of difficult for me to say his actual name." 
    "Wait, hang on a sec," said Keira. "You two know each other?" 
    "Obviously," said Linden. 
    "Por su puesto," said Padre La Paz. 
    "Henry and I were old chums before the Wars began. Then, when you two were born, we were assigned to protect you until it was time for you to start doing that incredibly important, multiverse-saving thing that I'm still not allowed to tell you about!" 
    "You know," said Keira, "it's kinda cruel that you keep telling us that we have to do something really important, then saying that you can't tell us what it is." 
    "Well, I can't be expected to hold your hand through your whole adventure, now can I? Especially considering that, well, I can't actually hold anyone's hands anymore. Isn't that right, Keira?" 
    "Are you really gonna bring that up at every opportunity?" 
    "Yes, yes I am." 
    "Okay, is anybody gonna focus on the matter at hand here?" said Pax. 
    "Right, right, sorry," said Linden, getting back on track. "Anyway, I find it interesting that you chose to go to Candara Prime first, one of the most peaceful worlds in the multiverse." 
    "I needed to let Lily and Padre know that I'm okay," said Pax. "Plus, I missed home." 
    "There it is!" said Linden abruptly. "There's that phrase! 'I missed home,' you say. So, Keira, I'm assuming that you don't really feel that same homesickness that Pax was feeling?" 
    "You know what it was like," said Keira. "You spent as much time on Lucida Major as I did. The place sucked." 
    "Okay, now I'm really curious," said Pax. "You keep saying how your world is so different from mine, and how it's such a horrible place. It can't really be THAT bad, can it?" 
    "Interesting question, Pax," said Linden. "Well, you both know that there's only one way to truly answer that." 
    Pax and Keira looked at each other, then at Linden. 
    "You can't be serious," said Keira. 
    "Um, Henry?" said Linden. "Since you technically still have jurisdiction over Pax, would you be alright with letting him go with Keira around the multiverse a few times?" 
    "As long as they both stay alive, we're doing our jobs," said Padre La Paz. "I cannot go with them, since I have to take care of Lily, but... Azor, could you keep an eye on Pax for me?" 
    "Of course, old friend." 
    "You're really not kidding," said Keira, a little stunned. "You actually want me to take 'Pax the Pure' to Lucida Major?" 
    "Uh, 'Pax the Pure'?" said Pax. 
    "Oh, don't tell me you've never been called that before." 
    Pax was silent for a moment. 
    "...You've never been called that before?" 
    This time, Keira was silent. 
    "SORRY TO INTERRUPT," said Linden in a very loud manner, "but don't you two have somewhere to be?" 
    "Right!" said Pax. "Let's go!" 
    "Okay, but I really think this is a bad idea," said Keira. 
    "Hey, you saw me in my home. It's only fair that I get to see you in yours." 
    "...Fair enough." 
    Keira took out her Core and her meteor knife. Pax took out his Core and opened his locket. 
    "You ready?" said Pax. 
    "Yeah. You?" 
    "I kinda doubt that, but okay." 
    They stood closer to each other, holding the adamantite objects. 
    "Chaos Pacificae!" they shouted in unison. 
    Then, light enveloped them, and they both disappeared! 

To be continued... 
Part 7! We've seen Keira's reactions to Pax in his world, and now, the script will be flipped! We saw Keira get her first taste of peace, but how will Pax react to his first glimpse of perpetual danger? 


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  • Glytch Montoya

    Well, then that's THEIR problem. I even recommended a specific website because it gives high quality translations.

    I'm glad you understood it, and I guess those people will be as much in the dark as Keira was during that whole conversation!

    Trust me... The next part with be... Interesting...

    over 1 year ago
  • JadeAndSerpentine

    Great story! Really excited to see what's next!
    I'd recommend just saying the stuff in English and just mentioning that it was in Spanish. I could understand it, but not every would want to bother searching all of it up.

    over 1 year ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    I meant the correction as a joke.

    over 1 year ago
  • Lee Fudge

    Sorry about the mistake, I realize you are correct.

    over 1 year ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    ...This WELL.
    (Please forgive me, I couldn't help it.)
    It takes practice, a fondness for writing, and an understanding of how people react to things. Also, above all else, it takes imagination and creativity, which you clearly have plenty of.

    Just keep writing, and you'll get there. I have faith in you.

    over 1 year ago
  • Lee Fudge

    I wish I could write this good.

    over 1 year ago