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The Presence

August 7, 2014

PROMPT: In the House


I walked into my house on a cold October day, I felt something brush past me. Not the wind. I ignored all my senses on high alert telling me to run away, but I ignored them. As I threw down my backpack and sighed I heard my little sister yelling "Jaime's home!" Than that sign of relief just washed right over me. I ran down to see her and looked, but no one was there. Was I hearing something? "Come out Anya it's not funny anymore!" I yelled. Stomping up the stairs I saw something run "Alright Anya I caught you!" laughingly. That person wasn't Anya I felt something pulling me into the room I feared. The Room. The room where all my nightmares came from. The Room. The nightmares that have haunted me forever have finally become real. The door slams behind me and it locks. I feel the fear creeping into my throat. I'm about to pass out but I don't, because there is the woman in my dreams, but she is beautiful not scary. I feel myself walking over to her in a big embrace she says "Don't be afraid of your reality sweetheart" she disappears and I'm left with them... The children singing "Ring Around The Rosie" dancing in tiny circles. Welcoming me. I feel myself call out, but my scream was not heard. I was gone with the wind. Just like the children before me. The Presence was before me. Telling me you won't be harmed, but I knew they were lying. "Why didn't I listen to myself before?" "Why is it me?" All the questions popped into my head. Than I woke up. "Was I alive?" I touched my arm, pinched my arm, slapped my face. I was alive. I heard voices. I screamed in terror untill I realized it was my own mother's voice asking me "Are you okay?" Cradling my head in her warm arms. I felt safe. I closed my eyes and asked "Wheres Anya?" My mother responded in such a calm voice "She is in a better place now."


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