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Just an Average Vampire: Chapter Four

February 3, 2018


One of the soldiers, presumably the sergeant, went up to Frost. 

“Erm...are you...?” He began.

”He has leprosy,” Von Leopold interrupted.

”I’ll...I’ll take your word on it,” The sergeant said.

“...May we go through?” Von Leopold asked.

”Oh, ja, ja, you can,” The sergeant said, waving his hand,”Guten abend*.”

The stagecoah continued on it’s journey to Munich. The soldiers seemed to make a realization, and got on their horses, going who knows where.

”I feel guilty about using the leprosy excuse,” Von Leopold said.

”It’s not your fault...Master,” Frost said,”It just the most effective excuse...considering the similarities.”

”Indeed...Indeed...” Von Leopold said.

Suddenly, the soilders rode out in front of them, forcing the stachcoach to stop.

”Mr. Hans Von Leopold!” The sergeant said,”You are under arrest for vampirism!”

The stagecoach was silent. The sergeant grew more and more nervous.

”We...we will be forced to..” The sergeant said.

”Forced to vhat?” A voice echoed,”Forced to shoot? Adorable!”

Something tapped the sergeant’s shoulder, he turned around and saw von Leopold, standing there with a wide grin on his face.

”How did you...?!” The sergeant almost murmured,”Whatever, all soldiers fi-“

He looked around, and saw all his comrades were dead.

Frost was still in stagecoach during all this. When Von Leopold came back in, Frost asked,”I trust this skirmish went well?”

”Indeed,” Von Leopold said, wiping off his mouth,”For me!”

*German for ‘Good evening’.


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