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Just an Average Vampire: Chapter Three

February 3, 2018


“Let’s go back home, Frost,” Von Leopold said to the zombie stage coach driver.

”Did Mr. Gruber make....an appearance, Master von Leopold?” Frost said.

”Ja, he had the crossbow I zent him,” Von Leopold said,”I knew he could like it.”

“I knew he...would Master,” Frost said.

Von Leopold’s stagecoach, for whatever reason had a mirror on the back wall. Von Leopold though this was a cruel joke from someone, but he was refine with it. He always would remember what he looked when he was human. How could he forgot his black hair, his beaky nose, and his narrow eyes. He forgot what color his eyes were, but he belived they were grey. 

”Frost,” Von Leopold said,”It’s almost your reanimation day is it not?”

”Yes Master,” Frost said,”It will twelve years since I...became a zombie.”

”Zhat’s nice,” Von Leopold smilied,”You will get the day off, as always.”

”Thank you...Master.” Frost said.

Von Leopold knew it would take hours to get back to Frankfurt, so he had time to think. 

He then remembered an announcement from the Kaiser himself, vampires were going get hunted more frequently, although he didn’t say how. Maybe he was going to raise the army? The German Empire had an impressive army.

His thoughts were broken when he saw the very thing he was thinking about, the German Army. At least, a squadron of it.


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  • Aussie23

    What's gonna happen!?

    over 2 years ago