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Just an Average Vampire: Chapter One

February 3, 2018


Von Leopold was an average vampire, he sucked the blood of many in the towns and cities of the German Empire, while also being the head of a Vampire Syndicate. He had a castle, which, for some reason, almost every important vampire seemed to have. Yes, von Leopold was very content with his immortal life, he even didn’t the vampire hunters, they gave him something to kill.

Von Leopold was strolling around the streets of Munich, which was having some sort of festival. He stood out in the crowd, dressed in a suit, but he didn’t care, no one knew who he was. He just wanted to see the livestock.

”Guten tag,” He said to a cow farmer,”Vhat kind of cows are these?”

”Well,” The cow farmer said,” They are a cow.”

”Zhat’s...unhelpful,” von Leopold said, kind of disappointed.

”Say, what’s with your accent?” The farmer asked,”It sounds, more German than a German.”

”Oh, it’s a teeth problem,” Von Leopold said.

The cow farmer looked suspicious, but just shrugged it off. Von Leopold really wanted to see the sheep, as that was his favorite kind of meat.

”Oh, look at zem!” Von Leopold said, looking at the sheep,”They look vell bred.”

“Indeed they are!” The sheep’s owner said,”You sure know your sheep, yes?”

Von Leopold nodded,”I have a rather healthy interest in mutton.”

“Well the wool is good to,”

”....Ja sure,”

Von Leopold heard a sound that sounded like a crossbow, with it’s projectile coming towards him.


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