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I want my winter back

February 1, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

I'm one of those people who complain about the weather. 
"It's soooo cold," I say to my friend who's nose is pink and eyes are tearing. She knows it's cold.
"It's waaayyy too hot," I say as my friends face slowly fries in the sunlight, her cheeks bright red. She knows it's hot.
But I'm also the person who complains when the weather isn't right.
Lately, mother natures been having some mood swings. 
Here in New York City, we're used to the changing seasons and the temperature changes that come with them. But this winter, something's just not right.
Usually, I wake up in the morning in winter and assume it's freezing. Not now. Now I check the weather every morning, because it could be in the teens, or it could be close to 60°. 
I hate it. My friend hates it too.
"It's too warm for winter," I say. "I want to be able to bundle up under dozens of sweaters." She knows I love sweaters.
I remember my birthday last year. It was too warm.
I'm a winter baby, born during a snow storm. The snowy city is my favorite time of year. A coat of glistering white purity covers the gloomy gray streets. I always do something wintery for my birthday; ice-skating, cozy movies, hot chocolate. But last year it felt like spring. I wore a skirt-- without tights! I had planned this party to be a cozy game night; we would drink hot cocoa and eat sweets, protected from the bitterness outside. 
But no. 
We had to crack a window.
It was that 

At least last year that was the only warm day I remember. 
This year, it's every few days.
Okay, so it's not as warm as my birthday, but I don't need my winter coat.
I hate it.
Most people don't.
I understand why.
I guess it's nice not to freeze your butt off. Nice not to wear a heavy coat. Nice to be able to spend time outside.
But it's not right.

Yes, we still have cold days.
Yes, we still get snow.
But that doesn't mean it's ok.
Climate change isn't only about warming. That's why I dislike the term "Global Warming"
It's about extremes.
Yes, the earths temperature as a whole is rising. 
and yes, summers may get hotter.
But winters will also get colder.
This year was one of the coldest New Years on record.
And we complain about this too.
The people in Times Square, 
well, I hope the ball drop was worth it.
because to me, the temperature drop was not.

Recently I started listening to this song, "June, after dark" by Elliot Root.
I was hooked by the first lyric. 
"I've never understood, 
the winter winds. 
Why they come and go
and why they take you with."
The winter winds. 
I don't understand them either.
They can be fierce, whipping your face with cold.
Or they can bring comfort, a familiar coolness, granting you rosy cheeks.
But sometimes they are both. Drawing tears to your eyes that are neither caused by pain nor joy. 
But something in between.

I want my winter back.
Constant cold.
Winter winds.
Hot drinks.
Fuzzy socks and sweaters.
I want my winter back.


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