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Dime Guy

January 30, 2018


You ready for a Lee Fudge True Story? So my sisters, my mom, my papa, and my aunt went to Old Dominion, an amusment park in Virginia. At one point, we went to get the most awesome of refreshments, Dippin’ Dots. My papa and I went to sit on a small brick wall, and this guy just sat next to me.

There was no one on this wall, he could’ve sit literally anywhere else, but nope, he just sits next to me. Then, this guy looks down picks up a dime.

He then says,”Sir, is this yours?”

I said,”No.”

I thought that would be end of that, but the guy flips the dime around few times, with this dopey grin on his face, and then looks at me, then says the weirdest thing I have ever had said to me.

”Sir,” He says,”I know this isn’t yours, but I’m giving it to you anyway.”

He then gives me the dime, with dopey grin and all, then for some weird reason, just leaves. No explanation, no goodbye, I don’t know this dude’s name, and he just leaves.

I chucked that dime as far as I could.

That is the story, of Dime Guy.
Let me know if you want here more Lee Fudge True Stories!


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  • camlily

    This is hilarious!!!! Thank you so much for brightening my day and making me laugh- I really needed that. And yes.... please share more :D

    almost 2 years ago