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January 30, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

Our environment is rapidly changing as we know it. Just these past couple years, the change is so visible, especially in Florida where I live. The amount of hurricanes has drastically increased. The rise in temperature intensifies wind speeds and raises the sea level. Not only did The Keys suffer a great amount of damage from the most recent Hurricane Irma, but Puerto Rico was completely destructed. 

The biggest mistake people make is thinking that global warming is only global warming. That is not the case. Global warming is a subset of climate change. Climate change causes harsher weather, even if that means colder weather. For example, this winter 2017-2018, it snowed in Florida for the first time since 1977. Do not be mistaken, like our very own president, that global warming does not exist. This is climate change. 

Not only does climate change have devastating physical effects, it has stressful emotional effects on our country. How is it possible to fight something like this when our own president doesn't believe in it? How can we advocate for it when half the country doesn't believe in it? Each day, the stress continues to grow and grow on our citizens knowing that if a change doesn't happen soon, our future will eventually be doomed.


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