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January 30, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

    I still remember a few years ago, when I was but a young child, I would play with my friends and cousins out in the sun. We'd be out the whole afternoon under the warm sun and be back by sunset, all sweaty and laughing ourselves off. The next day would be the same; just going out and playing with them. Some days it would be playing tag, other days we'd play hide and seek. We even had some made up games and some games I can't even translate to English. I remember clearly how no matter how high the sun was, it was never too hot, and no matter what we were supposed to do. I remember how little we cared about everything back then. All we did was play and have fun.
    Now, we barely even speak to each other. One has a family. The other three had jobs. Me and my brother, we're still in high school and just about to go to college. We don't play outside anymore. The invention of new gadgets and technologies always occupy our time. The sun is always too hot, no matter its position, and it's always too hot to be out. We all have our own issues and problems to attend to.
    I know it may be simple, but things like these are what I remember the most. This, I think would be the essence of my childhood. Never caring about anything, always having fun. Now, fun is a luxury and sensitivity to everything is an obligation. An obligation of everyone to care too much about everything. I just really miss the old times. 


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