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Message to Readers

To the toxic friend this is dedicated to...
I'll forgive you when you're actually sorry.

There For You

January 29, 2018


I had a feeling about you. I should have listened to my head for once. 
But I listened to my heart. I became your friend, and you became mine. 
We were the best of friends and I was always there for you.
But in the shadows, where I wouldn't see, you picked away at my soul.

Talked about me.
Spread rumors about me.
Played with me. 

We thought we were grown. We thought we were cool. 
I just wanted a friend, but you wanted so much more.
You were too fast for me. While I studied for the math test,
You were talking about crushes with your new friends.

So many people hated you and you never knew it. Why?
Because I defended you. 
We were still the best of friends and I was always there for you. 
And few people hated me... until you made that number grow.

Talked about me.
Spread rumors about me.
Played with me. 

Every time you mistreated me you made up for it with a gift.
A blue duct tape stripe around a small white box.
I always would forgive you, no matter what you did.
My mistake. 

One day you just left me.
You ran off to your friends. You became popular.
I was left in the dust. No longer your best friend, but still there for you.
I became the loser with the jacked-up mind. It wasn't just you anymore- Everyone.

Talked about me.
Spread rumors about me.
Played with me. 

I left school for a while. But when I came back this year, you were still popular. 
Lucky me- I'm already broken, you can't hurt me anymore.
I can only be fixed now. So I make new friends, things are going well.
You stay by your new friends.

But now one of them is mine. Why?
You slipped up with her. Unlike me, she doesn't play your games.
We're friends now. Neither of us are your best friend anymore, neither of us are there for you.
She tells me what you did to me that I didn't know. She tells me what you did to her.

Talked about us. 
Spread rumors about us.
Played with us. 

You think you're still going to win. It's kind of cute.
You may not realize it, but your friends are fake. 
How do I know this? They're my friends now.
Because I'm kind. Genuine. You're mean. Fake.

Even as you see your friends leave, you think you're all that.
But in reality, you're not. Wake up.
Because when you finally realize this is high school and you're knocked off your high horse,
No one will be your best friend. No one will be there for you.


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  • AcetheticallyPleasing

    I find it funny you say this because I was stalking your profile because you're great and this is exactly what I thought. (((Don't be afraid but I'm kind of a weeaboo for Australia.)))

    almost 3 years ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    Ok I'm 99% sure that you are the other me living on the other side of the world because, other than me leaving, THIS ALL HAPPENED TO ME.
    I'm sorry it happened, I understand your lack of remorse. By the way, I love how this was written. You truly channelled your emotions into something beautiful

    almost 3 years ago