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The Little People: Chapter One

January 28, 2018


In the eyes of tiny people, things seem quite giant. For instance, there was a tribe of Little People that lived on a mass of clear material held by four metal supports. They always wanted go explore the flat area below the supports, but they could never figure out a way down.

In another tribe, they lived on this flat area, which they called the Floordom. This tribe, after realizing they were the only tribe on the Floordom, became the Empire of Flooraris, led by Emporer Justinian. The Empire was a rather large nation, however they wanted to get bigger. They never had seen what wonders were up the Stair Mountains, and one day, they were rather certain, they were going to climb them.  

However, we will not be focusing on the Empire, but a rather small tribe, known by themselves as the Countermen, and they lived on a mass known as Fur Granite. The Countermen were a peaceful, however they did have an army. This army mostly hunted food for the tribe. 

The tribe was led by Elder Oolong, who was quite oblivious to how big Fur Granite was. The people of the tribe lived in houses made by an old martial known as mold, which had a nice green color.

One day, a warrior named Daggar went to Oolong, and informed him of another landmass that was a huge distance away from Fur Granite, but was looked to made from the same material. Eran, one of the six literate people in the tribe, theorized that Fur Granite and this new landmass were made at or around the same time.

”If we can get there...” Eran said,”We could build a new town!”

Oolong like the prospect of owning more land, so he sent out a exploration group to go to this new landmass.


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