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February 4, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia


is what i feel these days.

muddy snow, raging rains, soothing fires; i wonder where have we gone wrong. it take two to love, two to live, two to kill, and somehow, we are two times too close to the end.

this is nostalgia; of fateful conversations and stolen kisses under trees, of baby's-breaths and misery, of burnt feathers and suppressed insanity.

i like to think that what goes round comes back twice. i like to think of the scorching winters and frigid summers and somehow, i understand the urge to rebel, the urge to repel, the urge to kill. i understand what it means to change with the seasons.

dance with the devil, they said. dance with the devil and the world. dance with the devil and the world and yourself. there is no room for three in a space for two.

dance with the world and yourself; dancing across the razed meadows and the gaping cracks of catastrophe.

it takes two.


is what i feel these days.

दर्द: (Hindi) pain, agony


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  • agustdv

    thank you :) !

    over 2 years ago
  • howdidigethere

    Honestly, I love this so much. You genius.

    over 2 years ago