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Anna Lang

United States

Boston, MA

Message to Readers

This is my first piece on Write the World, and I would love any and all feedback. Thank you so much!

We Are

October 19, 2015

PROMPT: Child Narrator

We are nothing more and nothing less than the air itself. I fly among swirling clouds on strong wings, soaring and laughing and never having to come down. I smile at her, and we both continue to do loop-ty-loops in the blue blue sky. With my bird-eyes, I can see the tall towers and even the moving masses of people. With my bird-lungs, I can breathe the thin air and have it sort of balloon inside of me that lifts me up up and up. With my bird-heart, I feel freeness as if it were just as simple as being happy or sad. 

We are nothing more and nothing less than princesses of Gebignivon. I smooth my floaty purple dress down, and help her braid her ripply red hair into a an elaborate knot. We take crowns made with stars from a cushy purple pillow, and place them on our heads. We must be very careful not to look down- princess posture is very important, especially in Gebignivon. Waltzing down the marble steps, I spy an enormous chocolate fountain that cascades from the celing. Oh well, never mind about the princess posture.

We are nothing more and nothing less than explorers. Shading my eyes from the blinding sun, I trudge up the side of the mountain, feeling the sweat roll off my face and sting my eyes. Behind me, she limps along, her foot dragging in the mud. All around us, blinding green jungle stretches on to infinity along with a host of chattering animal sounds. Suddenly, a sleek cheetah slips out of the dark jungle. Hooting in delight, we jump onto its back. For the moments afterward, we are part of the jungle and its ways. We weave through shadow and light and green, effortless and smooth smooth smooth.

Finally, we become nothing more and nothing less than Jess and Avis. Avis whispers goodbye to me, and her mommy with the even brighter red hair comes to bring her home. I sit in the grass, that is no longer the sky or a palace or a jungle. I am also no longer a bird or a princess or an explorer, but Jess is fun too. When I am Jess, my mommy makes dumplings with skin that is so thin that I can count the vegetables inside. When I am Jess, my daddy twirls me around in the park and makes weird sounds that make me laugh. When I am Jess, I am myself. And surely, there's nothing better than that. 


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