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When Gods Fight: Chapter One

January 27, 2018


There are many, many, many gods. Too many to mention, but there at least one hundred. One these gods, Elener, Goddess of Colors that start with B, was not invited to a wedding. She was rather peeved off this, she made a cake, thinking of a way to get revenge. 

She put the cake on the desert table at the wedding, with a note that said,’For the strongest god.’. This caused an argument with seventy-eight gods, most of them gods of war. Of course, the strongest god was Daddy, the creator of the world, and king of the gods, but he refused the cake, which led to an argument on who the second strongest god was.

”It’s obviously me!” Jakober, God of Stabbing Things with Spears, said,”Do you know how many people are stabbed with spears?”

“What logic is that?” Baker, God of Farming, said,”I could be the strongest god because of how many people farm!”

”What if the note means strength in number of worshippers,”  Salvazar, God of Good Ideas Once in a While, said,”That’s how he get our strength after all.”

The god with the most worshippers was Daddy, and the god with the second most worshippers was to hard to count, so that was not an option. 

“Maybe we should ask the mortals what they think,” Argoman, God of Unfair Justice, said.

The mortals did vote for the second strongest god, but it was a tie between thirty different gods. At this point, things were going to escalate into war.


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1 Comment
  • Kahasai

    As a writer, I'm an avid worshipper of Salvazar, God of Good Ideas Once in a While. So of course I must say, HE is the the most powerful god. I worship him, therefore I'm right, and--

    *distant screams of angry people*

    Yeah, I think I'll go now. The God of Unfair Justice is about to come down on me.

    almost 2 years ago