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Kingdom Functionality: Chapter One

January 27, 2018


In the plains of Hallsflatt, there is a large village, a hamlet if you will. It was a rather brown place, the building were made from the only wood they could get: imported from other places. Technically this hamlet was what the higher ups called a ‘colony’, but the citizens felt like true citizens of Hallsflatt.

The hamlet, known as Woodsburg, had a sheriff. The sheriff’s name was Corduroy Thompson, and he was a rather popular sheriff. He was friends with everybody with town, but would but that aside to arrest someone, which he rarely had to do.  

Woodsburg had a main road, which was, incidentally, the only stone road. This road lead to the Hallsflatt Carriage and Wagon Road, whih circrossed the entire country, even a hamlet like Woodsburg. Sheriff Thompson frequently sat at the sheriff’s office porch on a nice rocking chair,whci( overlooked the main road. This gave him a vantage point of almost the entire town. 

One day Sheriff Thompson was sitting on his nice rocking chair, when suddenly a wagon speed through the main road. Sheriff Thompson was not going to tolerate this, not in his fair hamlet. He ran to his horse, and sped off towards the speeding wagon.

On the wagon itself, there was a man actually driving the wagon, and a woman riding with him. They had no care in the world, which was probably why they sped through a town. Then suddenly, they heard a clanging sound. The woman turned around, and lo and there was a man on a horse waving a bell. She knew this was a Sheriff , and informed the man driving, who stopped the wagon. The sheriff stopped his horse, got off, and went to the man.

”We’re you aware how fast you were going?” The Sheriff asked.

”Erm...no.” The driver said, telling the truth.

”Well, me neither,” The sheriff admitted,”But the wind was in your hair, so you must have going pretty fast. Wagon lisence, please?”

The driver got his lisence, and gave it to the Sheriff.

”All right,” The Sheriff said,”If you just let me check the cargo in your wagon, I’ll you get on your way.”

“Oh that's okay...” The driver said,”We’ll jus-“

It was too late, the Sheriff had opened the covering on the wagon, and saw about a dozen children.

“Um...” The Sheriff said,”Can you explain this?”

”They’re our children,” The woman on the wagon said.

“...Why are they all elves then?” The Sheriff asked, getting his hand rope* ready.

* Handcuffs, at this point had not been invented yet.


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