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The Union: Chapter One

January 26, 2018


In the country know as The Union, the farms had a simple code of conduct:

Grow Potato,
Feed Worker.
Grow More Potato.

Of course, this was far less complex than one would farmers grow their potatos, then go to the Food Exchange, get money for their valued resource, then grow more potatoes.

The creator of this seemingly perfect system was the Union’s chairman, Sergi Romanov, who started a revolution to overthrow The Tsardom, creating The Union. He was rewarded by making himself head of the new country.

He had things the tsar did not, like loyalty from his citizens, a loving family, and an actual competent police force. This made him feel like he was popular, and he was. But one day, he was sitting in his office, thinking about new ways to prepare potatoes. His chief advisor Ivan Perkov, walked in.

”Sir!” Perkov said,”Most biggest news!”

”What is it?” Romanov asked.

”We have legal contract to grow new vegetable!”

Romanov was shocked,”But what about Potato?”

”Potato will be still popular,” Perkov said, waving his hand,”Take a look at this baby!”

He then threw a picture on Romanov’s desk. Romanov looked at, and thought it would be good in a stew. 

“What is this vegetable called?” Romanov asked.

Perkov smiled, and said,”It is called...the carrot!”
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