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Green Mango Tree

January 26, 2018

PROMPT: Solastalgia

The eldest of our creations, a green mango tree, had to be cut down today. It was due to the possibility of it catching fire from the summer heat. It was because the sun had grown hot enough, and the atmosphere thinned out enough, for a normal summer day to cause wildfires in your own suburban setting. And it was also because of this reason, that most trees around the city were cut down. Shrubs, bushes and tall grass was fine, but ultimately this was a concern for everyone, and it was for some time already. Though the percentage of having wildfires from trees is still a small percentage, the very idea itself of a wildfire breaking out in cities is now a reality. There are many factors that lead to wildfires, one such factor is man-made actions, another would be any flammable substances left near the tree, but to think that the wildfire that first broke out in Manila to be purely the sun’s fault. It’s just unfathomable. To think that the sun is able to burn a tree from where it stands. Humanity may want to invest in some atmosphere because that’s what Earth really needs now. That’s what we all need now, to stop global warming and its adverse effects on everything around us.

That green mango tree had been a part of my life ever since I was born. It had always been there, in its current size, maybe even bigger than before. It had always become part of my daily routine, where I would stare out into nothingness, as I was deep in thought. That tree had always helped me calmed down. That tree also provided my memories a sense of familiarity. It gave me inspiration, ideas, and a sense of identity, knowing that we owed the tree. My great grandmother was the first one to ever planted and nurtured that tree ever since it was first a sapling. Now, it’s my current family that takes care of it, and I too help out when I can. It’s also that the green mango tree provided our family with its green mangoes every once in a while. I didn’t like green mangoes then, because they were sour, but now who knows. I might try it again as soon as summer strikes and the tree bears fruit. That’s the thing though, what if ten to twenty years from now, that tree would be taken away from me? Of course, I’d be devastated. I wouldn’t want that to happen too, but in order for us to see it this way, maybe we have to have our own “green mango trees” taken away from us. Maybe we need global warming to burn a tree before we could all see it.


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