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Boston vs. California

October 19, 2015

Scott Gosse

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    One of the many problems with our world is the environment. This is an international problem that needs to be acted upon immediately because of its severe consequences. As we saw last winter in Boston we broke the record for the most snowfall. I took a trip to Lake Tahoe, California, where the lake level was at a record low, and there was no snow when there’s usually a few feet. Experiencing this drastic climate change first hand made me realize how serious this needs to be taken.
    Last winter was by far the craziest one I’ve experienced in my life. The snow in my yard was taller than me and my commute took twice as long. Due to the excessive amount of snow my friends and I got to make some money shoveling off roofs towards the end of the winter. Being a person who loves to snowboard I honestly didn’t mind how much snow we were getting. The resorts in New Hampshire were having the best conditions in years. Once the February storms hit all of New England just got pounded with snow. I drove up to New Hampshire during a few of the big storms and I saw at least two or three accidents on the way up. Although I love the perks of having a lot of snow it is unnatural for our environment.
    When I visited Lake Tahoe during my February break I planned on seeing walls of snow as we were driving down the highway. As I was in the plane I only saw small amounts of white snow covering the peaks of the mountain tops and everything else was just dried up dirt. My friend and I looked forward to going snowmobiling in the sierra mountains, unfortunately since there wasn’t enough snow we weren’t able to go. The mountains we visited had slim to no snow on the bases and barely had 75% of their trails open. One of the major news stories while we were there was that one of the neighboring lakes had dried up. this is really scaring the locals with the level of Lake Tahoe also dropping dramatically in the past few years. Without the cold snow-filled winters the Lake Tahoe regions economy can suffer serious damage.
    Witnessing the winter of 2015 in Boston will be something that I will always remember throughout my life. My trip to Lake Tahoe was also a very memorable experience for me. By seeing first hand how bad the climate change in Boston and California is, it really motivates me to spread the word about how our decisions are effecting the environment. 


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