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Just Like The Stars

By: Nononovy


Appreciating the beauty of the night
Stars are twinkling providing light
Wishing that there will be a shooting star
And wish that he can notice me from afar

Just like the stars, I can only stare
Hoping he can talk to me with so much care
Just like the stars, he`s hard to reach
Same as his heart, love I cannot teach

Looking at the sky, the stars are so bright
Giving me hopes that makes me alright!
Remembering the first time I saw your face
My soft heart flutters in a sudden race

As the wind blows, I instantly close my eyes
Only hearing the sounds of flying flies
I`m happy and contented in this way
I like you----I just wish I can say

Message to Readers

Please do check my writings. Suggestions and Reviews are highly appreciated. Thank you.

Peer Review

"As the wind blows, I instantly close my eyes, Only hearing the sounds of flying flies, I`m happy and contented in this way." This is super pretty, the last line is a little off for the pattern, but this part is amazing and I can relate to it completely.

I feel wistfulness.

It tells me what inspired it so I can't ask that question...What was the hardest part of this poem?

Reviewer Comments

You can ignore all my punctuation notes if you don't like the way they look. This is a really pretty poem, you wrote it well.