I love reading poetry and I do wanna improve my writings. i want to know how to express my feelings through writing.

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Please do check my writings. Suggestions and Reviews are highly appreciated. Thank you.

Just Like The Stars

January 26, 2018


Appreciating the beauty of the night
Stars are twinkling providing light
Wishing that there will be a shooting star
And wish that he can notice me from afar

Just like the stars, I can only stare
Hoping he can talk to me with so much care
Just like the stars, he`s hard to reach
Same as his heart, love I cannot teach

Looking at the sky, the stars are so bright
Giving me hopes that makes me alright!
Remembering the first time I saw your face
My soft heart flutters in a sudden race

As the wind blows, I instantly close my eyes
Only hearing the sounds of flying flies
I`m happy and contented in this way
I like you----I just wish I can say


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