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Fudge’s All Right Life: Chapter One

January 25, 2018


The Ohana Group gave Fudge an office. Incidentally, this is where he lived. Of course, this was because he couldn’t afford rent anywhere, but he liked this arrangement. 

Lee Fudge, for the first time in years, liked his employer, the aforementioned Ohana Group. The group makes weapons, which are very dangerous outside of Ohana hands, but it was the groups head, Robert Ohana, that Fudge really liked. He was the kind of person you made friends with instantly.

However, Fudge wasn’t in his office/home, he was visiting his former employer, the Dalston Company, a company that makes and sells cloned food. He was the speech writer for the company head Darren Dalston.

He was in a reception area, when suddenly, a voice creeped in the back in his head.

”Hey, Charlie!” The voice said,”You miss me?”

”Oh,” Fudge thought*,”Hey Charles, where have you been?”

”Oh you know, just hanging around, not much to do here,”

”Well, what do you want?”

”I want to take control again.”

”What?!” Fudge thought,”We agreed not to! Remember all those towns we went to?”

”Yeah!” Charles yelled,”But that’s all in the past, I promise not to name any to badly...”

”We’ll discuss this later,” Fudge said,”We’re going to a meeting now,”

Charles made an annoyed sigh, then said,”All right, I guess you can hold the reins a while longer.”

With that, Fudge went to take care of his business.

* The only to talk to the voice without looking crazy.


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