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Lee Fudge

United States


Self Proclaimed Anime And Manga Expert

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The Lee Fudge Investigation

January 25, 2018


Testimony form Gunter Morgan.

“Well, sure I know Mister Fudge. He works for some big weapons corporation, the Ohana Group I think it’s called.”

”He comes into this shop all the time, mostly to buy ties.”

”He’s very mysterious, though, I don’t know exactly how old he is, but he’s younger then 20 I reckon.”

”Oh, wait, he mentioned he has a sibling one time, does that help?”

Testimony from Jenny Garter.

”Yes, Mr. Fudge used to work for us. He followed the boss around and wrote his speeches.”

”He seemed nice...but he left for no reason whatsoever!”

”He didn’t even say bye to me....”

”Well It sure was relevant to me!”

Testimony from Mayor August Welles.

”Yes, he worked for me?”

”Well, he technically did, he was freelance.”

”What? No, he didn’t write, he did gardening .”

“Er, what did he do exactly?”

Testimony of Jodi Small

”He claimed he was the police one time.”

”It was interesting to say the least...”

”No, I haven’t seen him.”

”After he finished his work here, he simply vanished.”

”No, I’m not sure where he would put anything like that, I don’t think the poor guy has a home.”


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