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Morning Nature

October 19, 2015

Philip Chomicki
Ms. Porter
College Writing C
            The fall season has finally come around again and we are battling with leaves on our front steps in the morning and leaves stuck under our windshield wipers. Walking out of my house in the morning when I open my front door to walk to my car, the cool morning breeze hits my face and goose bumps immediately run throughout my body. Every tree outside is almost fully naked with no leaves on them anymore all you see are the lonely branches. Then in the distance I can see my cat bundled up in a ball trying to keep warm under the porch, and waiting for her prey to come out. But due to the cold morning she is left to hang because her prey is smart and is keeping warm somewhere else.
            On my way to school I pass by Franklin golf course and you can see the light residue on the grass and a man in the open field cutting the greens getting it ready for the day. On the other side of the golf course is the zoo. You can see the animals cuddled up in the morning just waking up, eating the fresh grass around them waiting for tourists to come visit them. You can see walkers and runners on the paths trying to keep warm and get a morning workout, and you can see their heavy breathing because of the cold weather freezing their breath coming out of their mouths.
            Stop light after stop light, horns honking trying to wake up sleepy drivers, the roads in the morning are loud and madness. You have big yellow school buses cutting in front of you trying to get the kids to school on time and then you have MBTA buses stopping at every block picking up people going to school or work. Then at some intersections you can find a hole in the road and there are people doing construction. Anything can happen in the morning, and this is why nature makes my journey to school so unique. Nature is what makes us happy every day. We wake up and we see the change of seasons and this shows how our mood can be changed by the seasons which happen every day. Everyone has different mood changes in the morning depending on the weather, and it is just a big game that Mother Nature plays with everyone.   


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