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A Monkey's Home

October 19, 2015

Liam McCarthy

When I was just born the first thing I remembered was the trees. Hundreds and thousands of them, every single one of them I thought went as high as the sun and moon. As I grew older and older I would learn how to finesse my way through the trees. I would tease other animals, then scurry up the tree, mocking at them because they couldn’t climb up it. My friends and I went to our favorite spot in the jungle, “Death Jump.” The limbs were so far apart we tried to see who could cross from one tree to another. My whole childhood and adolescent years were spent at “Death Jump.” When I finally mastered that giant leap from limb to limb, everything would change.

One bright, sunny day I woke early and went for a climb up the old oak tree, it’s been my family’s nesting tree for generations. I climbed to the top and saw black smoke coming from “Death Jump.” Mom and Pa always warned me to never go near the black smoke, and to tell them immediately.  However, like always, I ignored there stern rules and I decided to venture out to “Death Jump.” I woke up the boys and we went as fast as we could, swinging from tree to tree, from the jungle bed I could imagine it looked like rain from all the leaves falling off the trees. At a moment I glanced down and saw packs of tigers leaving their homes, then all of a sudden I saw the catastrophe. There were no more trees to swing from, no more to climb up, everything was gone. I was horrified and knew that this was going to be a huge problem. There were these big yellow trucks completely destroying the land, hundreds of them just wiping out anything they could. I gathered the boys and we hurried back to the old oak where I told mom and pa what I saw. That was the last time I would ever see that old oak tree again. Generations of family’s would gather around there, taken away with no remorse. My home was destroyed that day.

Deforestation, the act of taking out a wide spread of trees, is a serious problem we have in society today. Not only do the trees produce oxygen that gives us life, but the trees are a home to the animals. They are defenseless and their lives get ruined by it, for what, a new parking lot that is 100% unnecessary. The rate of deforestation to reforestation is significantly favoring deforestation. That needs to be equal if we want a cleaner, greener, long- lasting, society.


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