jake Matthews

United States

Enviormental Essay

October 19, 2015

Jake matthews
                                                                            Environmental Essay

    I work at a golf course called George Wright any working there I experience a lot of new thing I have never seen before in nature. I have seen new animals like birds, wild turkeys, coyotes and a lot of cool plants somethings i've never even known about it really has been an amazing experience with nature and can’t wait to see what I will experience through the next years . The most interesting thing I have experienced is goats. You may be thinking the in the world does a golf course need goats? We need goats to eat up all the poison ivy and poison sumac, which is a worse form of poison ivy, in the woods the golfers hit the ball and sometimes have nothing to do about because the fear of getting poison ivy. We keep the goats caged up in an electric fence so they would not escape and move them up and down the holes. Sometimes I get the cool job of going in there with them and giving them food and water but unfortunately I can not pet them because after they eat all the poison ivy it somehow someway comes out of there skin and if it touched you, you could still get. I have learned a lot about these fascinating animals through the summer seeing them eat all the leaves and playing with each other this was a cool experience for me and have recently found out that we may be buying a few of them and keeping them forever which would be really cool.
There are some downsides to having the goats as they can get very annoying with the sounds they make and distract golfers which is not a pretty cite, also what happen to me was during a bad windy storm the cage around the goats broke and fell down the goats jumped out and I was suddenly suck with 4 goats outside for 15 minutes alone finally i got them into a fence with help from a co worker. The goats can also attract golfers who want to see them and watch them eat everything which I don't see the fun in it but it actually works! Goats help the environment to get rid of many bad things, they can also be very interesting to watch. I have seen many things I would never though i would see while working at George Wright.


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