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Don't Let Our Future Go down the Drain

October 18, 2015

        Where would we be in several years if water, the vital essence of our Earth, was non-existent? What would happen if we completely ignored the California drought because we felt better to deny it? If we just stopped caring about water conservation, what would become of us? I know we all love those long, hot shower after our hectic schedules are through with us. But, what if these little pleasures cost us the most precious resource known to every living thing. Water
        Drip. Drop. Drip. Water comes down as precipitation, full of hopes and dreams as its' tremendous journey takes place. Collecting on the tips of mountains, Mother Earth gives them a push, and they race down the steep slopes. They meet up with their kin at the bottom, and they clump together to form an ebbing and flowing stream. Meandering downwards, all of the little streams rendezvous in a lake or pond. Once it reaches mankind, water is damned or kept in reservoirs. The water companies then need to undertake a rigorous disinfectant process which could potentially take weeks. It is then purchased by cities, so it gets pumped and carried through an aqueduct to reach its' destinations. There, water is pumped out to our homes where we turn on the sink, and this taken-for-granted process becomes an instantaneous flip of a switch. 
        Living right in the heart of the Silicon Valley, water conservation is a phenomenon often overlooked because of all the innovative technology hogging everyone's attention. Water wasting has become so extreme recently that our state senator, Bob Wiechowski, has authored a bill that potentially would give water agencies the option of putting a water waster tax on the local ballot. I, myself, am pleased to see that this situation has come up because now, our government is trying to fix this. However, even the threat of this bill has not made a decent dent in the conservation of water. In my opinion, taxing Californians is not going to magically solve this problem. We, as humans, need to start coming together as a whole to prevent this from worsening and reoccuring in the future.
        Mother Earth has nurtured us throughout all of mankind's existence. She has thrown us many curveballs, and she has playfully laughed at some of the attempts of adaptation. We have made an effort  to fix things but instead have become the ungrateful species we were not created to be. If we can teach our future generations to reciprocate the love our earth has given us, we might have a second chance to save the world. And, if we can educate each other, we have a real chance of pulling ourselves out of this drought.



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