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prayer of brightness

By: Shanti

I have been given this year, and I am grateful

I have been given this air, and I am grateful

I have been given sunshine and rain and discernment, and I am grateful

as the sun slides over creases in the earth

as the water shimmers in its dense bed

as the wind floats ferociously

let me see, seek, create beauty

where roaring is ceaseless

where hunger is groaning

where skins are ripped open

let me be gracious like roots in soil

let me be kind like cats in sunshine

let me be awake like shells on beaches

may I know more wisdom like cellos

may I glimpse sorrow and respond like telescopes

may I listen like stained glass


Message to Readers

is this too abstract?

Peer Review

I'm not very religious but I always thought that prayers should be more about what you feel than whether it makes sense - and for me, this was wonderful in the sense that I felt peace and gratitude while reading it.

A feeling that the world is bigger and brighter and that I'm excited for what is to come. I'm also reminded to stay thankful for the simple things and that we have so many reasons to be happy in life. :)

Reviewer Comments

This was for me a startling spot of timelessness and gratitude that took me momentarily away from the busy day-to-day life. I'm so glad you wrote this! I enjoyed reading the poetic metaphors and I did feel a tad brighter after reading this piece.

Keep up the good work and happy writing!!