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By: MimiWrites14


When I cautiously enter the classroom
I mentally prepare myself for that test
"It'll be okay" I tell myself
But then I see you lingering by my side
You tell me that I'll fail
Before you disappear and leave a trail of uncertainty
Those are the very words that I don't want to hear
But your voices become louder than mine.

When I get dressed to go to the party
You knock on my door and then quietly sneak in
You suggest all the worst things that could happen
I sigh and try to push you away
Yet you stay as you watch me get ready
I breathe in and force my best smile
Even if I can always feel you beside me
Your invisible grip is tight around my chest.

When I begin my speech and stand up on that podium
Your eerie presence is seen as I speak
They said that I will be okay
But you drowned out their voices like the ocean
The whole crowd is still and silent
And then you suddenly bring waves crashing in
My thoughts are racing as I stumble upon words
Your satisfaction sets my soul on fire.

When I'm resting my head against my pillow
You wrap me up in a blanket of worries
You bring your best friend to join the pity party
She creates the tears which threaten to flow.
I remain sleepless and exhausted
Until morning comes when you finally go away
I breathe in and start the day again
It feels like a battle with no happy ending.

When I said that I would change, I meant it
I finally let them know what you had done
They seemed to understand what I was going through
And I realised that I was not alone.
My eyes were rimmed and my heart was empty
But I knew that I couldn't let you control my life,
I couldn't let you invade my thoughts
Then replace them with such negativity and pessimistic voices.

Nowadays I don't see you so often
You pay occasional visits until confidence kicks you out
My dear anxiety,
I know that you only wanted to test me
But I'll let you know one thing,

I'm not afraid anymore.


Message to Readers

this is a very personal piece of writing to me. i hope you enjoy it and to those of you who are going through the same thing- you are not alone.

Peer Review

'But I'll let you know one thing, I'm not afraid anymore.' - Beautiful!! Such a powerful ending! Throughout this entire piece, you're showing us the times when anxiety has won. And then, triumph! You have conquered it. This is also such a relatable piece as everyone has moments like this. Ending are often hard to do, but you nailed this one. :)

Triumph. :) Confidence, exaltation, joy. You have conquered your anxiety. It is so satisfying when we accomplish something. :)

What thoughts went through your mind as you wrote this? I know that whenever I'm writing, my passion gets roaring, and normally subtle feelings rise to the surface. ;)

Reviewer Comments

Excellent, excellent job! I love the confident ending. And the emotions you show within the piece are so relatable.
Very well done!
God bless!