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A Walk in the Park

October 18, 2015

PROMPT: Child Narrator

Red and orange and yellow are so pretty. Looking up, they look very different from the blue sky. I like to watch them fall; they get caught up in the wind and twist and turn and dance to my tune. 

Bending down I grab for a red maple leaf. It breaks in my hand, little pieces falling to the ground. I can't see my feet, they are covered in the rotting leaves. Digging down, I throw piles of leaves behind me. For a second I am a tiny squirrel, looking for some nuts that I hid. Oh, look! I found them, caskets cracking to show pale food underneath. Though, I don't think I will eat it, my mommy says that they aren't food. At least not food for me. They belong to the real squirrels. 

Picking up the nuts I've gathered, I take careful steps, trying to make no noise as I walk around the crunchy colors. No noise for me! I might get caught as I sneak around my secret base. Tip toes, tip toes, tip toes. Whoops! Crunch

I stepped on the leaves. Hurrying now, I have to get to the exit before I get caught. Running feet carry me to the sidewalk quickly. I made it, safe. Looking down into my shirt, I count my treasure. 

One, two, three acorns sit in the fold. Score! Looking around, I find an empty space to crack open my treasure. Setting one down on the hard floor, I step back. Raising my foot, I stomp it down. Crack! The brown has broken, showing me a pale inside. Stubby fingers open up the nut, taking out the inside. I look up. There is my friend a squirrel. I think he looks hungry, so I set my nut out on the grass. He comes closer to me, closer, closer. 

I sit more still than statues. I don't even breath as the squirrel grabbs the nut. Taking it he runs away. NO! He is taking my treasure. I run after him. 

"Thief! Thief! Give me back my nuts!" I yell. Rushing into the leaf pile some other kids have made, it falls apart. I don't say sorry, the squirrel is getting away. Running past an old man I clip his cane. I'm sorry old man, but my treasure is getting farther and farther. The squirrel climbs up the tree, and I stop underneath. 

"Amber!" I turn. There is my mommy. She is not smiling, she must be mad at me. 

"Amber! How many times have I told you to be careful and look where you are going?!" I don't know what mommy is saying, but I know I've been bad. 

"Sorry mommy." I look at my toes, one foot digging circles into the ground. 

"Young lady! Don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to everyone else." I look up. Everybody is looking at me. I see the kids who's pile of leaves I ran through. I see the old man who I ran into. My cheeks feel warm, my hands come up to cover them. 

"'M so'ry." I say. The old man smiles at me, but the other kids still look mad. "'ll help you make 'nother one." They look at eachother, and then smile. 

"Okay!" They grab my hand, pulling me with them. We make the pile bigger. Bigger than I've ever seen. It goes over my head, and I have to reach to put leavs on top. It doesn't feel like long, but soon mommy is calling for me. 

"Amber! It's time to go home." I wave at my new friends, and go to my mommy. 

"Oh, Amber. Look at you! You're all covered in leaves and dirt." Mommy frowns at me, but I don't think she's mad. I grab her hand in mine. 

"Well, we should go right home. Then, right in the bathtub for you, my dear." At this I frown. 

"I don't wanna bath." Pulling away from her, I run and hide in the leaves. Next to me. the squirrel sits. 

"Thief! Thief! You stole my nuts!"


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