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Nothing Lasts Forever (Part 3)

January 23, 2018


Chapter 2
    “Wait, what?” I got up. No problem. The problem was that nothing was worth waking me up besides this. The Starbucks knew me, but they had a new manager. I was booted off my Unicorn frappe, and I didn’t like it. Mya was now parking in the lot. It was empty. This Starbucks is my favorite mostly because they gave me Unicorn frappes, but also, it looked like actual heaven. Even the lot looked like it was paved by hand. The entrance had some issues though. The door was rusty, the handle creaked, and for no reason at all, the door would scream only when you had multiple items in your hands. It was terrible. Mya and I got out of the car and stopped. The floor was completely wet cement. Crap. Mya jumped in the car. She looked at me with such fear.
    “Get. In.” She was shaking. She loved this car. It was an 1959 Chevrolet Impala. It looked like Flo from Cars. She hated that analogy but I wasn't wrong. It was American so we always got pulled over so cops could see the inside. It was famous around our neighborhood. We even caught somebody steal the hood ornament. Twice actually. I still loved it though, and how dark it was. It was the darkest magenta I had ever seen. I loved it. The car had cement all over its wheels now. I hopped in, but lightly. To make sure she didn’t yell at me for sinking it with such sudden weight. She tried reverse, it jolted, and stuck. Mya looked at me worried. She knew we had to push forward. It was dry there, but it would hurt the car. Scratching the sides, tearing at the paint, and causing Mya to open her wallet. She was cheap like me, but in her case, she was a money hog. Mya loved her money like she loved her car. She loved her car like she loved herself. Alot.
    “Come on, Connie, come on.” She named her car Connie after her old best friend. We don’t talk about her much. She shoved her car forward, worried it would destroy something. She realized it wouldn’t work out well. Shoving forward once more, we hoped right over one bush, and crushed the rest. The complete set of beautiful bushes died in a complete second. The scraping noises made her cringe and made me wince. The hood ornament, super glued on, flung as soon as the bushes skimmed it. Super glue, more like cheap glue. The car came to a complete stop on the other side of the bushes. Mya drove on the road and turned left into the old parking lot where the staff parked. Getting out of the car, her face melted.
    “Co-Connie.” She stared at the wheels, the door, the hood, and most importantly, the insides. The engine was clogging. She was never a grease-monkey, but she wanted to fix the car. I looked at the car and knew I was the only one that had a clue how to fix Connie. I took off my jacket and walked to the hood. The engine was full of bush pieces. I


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  • Bellbell0307

    Is the 'I' at the end purposeful?
    Anywho, I LOVE THIS!

    almost 3 years ago