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Nothing Lasts Forever

January 23, 2018


So, this is a warning. This story is no fairy tale. No, we all die in the end. If you hate spoilers, oh well. This isn’t a book, it’s a voice. Now, listen.
    People believe you  are some angel innocent and perfect. They don’t understand what human means. That you make mistakes. All the time. People say forgiveness is hard to earn. Along with respect and to care or love. It’s hard being human. No one knows how. Perfect and normal is fake like everyone and everything on Earth. The only true thing is we were all born to die. To be born, live, fail, succeed, fail again, and then die. No one needs to “succeed” at anything because someone has done better. People don’t care. At the end of the day we are all the same. With the same fate. To die. What you have to do is just die with experiences and curiosities better. Imagine you die at the end of today. You have to do the most today before you may die. Tomorrow is never promised. So make the most of today like you'll die tomorrow. You will at one point. So make the most of the fake, ugly, cruel world today as it may be your last.


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