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The Ballad of Eritrea

October 22, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Twas many, many years ago
So the stories say
That ten strangers came to rule
The land called Eritrea

Nobody knew where they came from
People quesationed not their laws
And yet this peaceful quiet land 
Had had but one small flaw

The land was ruled by a man 
Lucifus was his name
Full of hate and wicked ways
This great tormentor came

For a hundred years this land he owned
He did whatever he pleased
Until the battle that was fought 
Which gave the people ease

Sir Alexander and his friends
Along with all their men
Waged war against the evil lord
The chance of victory was one to ten

Then suddenly before their eyes
A strange and wonderous sight
The ground shook and the rocks split open
While their enemies took to flight

Though he lost all his men
The evil lord was spared
The valisnt warriors then raised a shout
For the victory was theirs

These warriors became leaders
So the stories go
Under their wise leadership
The land rested from her foes

Yet alas all too soon
Their reign to an end did come 
For though they loved this great land
Indeed it was not their home

Many summers have come and gone
Since they left this place
Yet I know they shall return
At the end of time and space


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