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Why I Prefer Solitude

October 17, 2015


I spent my entire life in the one home, scuttling around, trying to hide away from everybody else. I avoided the people who lived with me and spent most of my time in the shadows. I liked darkness, when everything was peaceful and I could evade people. On the other hand, I did not like people, even the ones I’d spent the entirety of my life with. They were always so violent, trying to whack me with shoes or newspapers, which doesn’t sound too bad, but was really quite a nasty existence.

One particular day, I decided to bravely venture from my hideaway; my dark spot; my safe sanctuary. Now, that was my mistake. I should never have left because lo and behold, I happened upon a person. A hideous, horrid, hateful person. I evoked a squeal from my new company (my appearance undoubtedly the cause) and desperately willed myself to be magically transported back to the shadows of my dwelling. Much to my dismay, my fellow house-inhabitant was not pleased to see me, needless to say. I was frozen in place, looking on with helpless despair as a shoe was retrieved and flung towards my body. Everything tingled with a strange sensation – fear, no doubt – and then everything faded to nothing. My body slumped to the ground, and I curled my limbs inwards, as if embracing myself in a goodbye hug, after all, my house was filled with people, but I preferred solitude. In my final moments, a heard the words ‘Damn spider.’


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