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I've lived in three countries so far and hope to further travel the world in order to gain the depth I need for the stories I really want to write someday - the stories I'm practicing for now.

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I wrote this at night because the inspiration struck. Read for your amusement.

I Don't Speak Portuguese

October 16, 2015


    There is a row of metal benches in the bus station where both the 412 and 402 busses stop to pick up passengers. Due to our spectacular timing, my mom and I sat there with our loaded shopping bags for nearly an hour, waiting for the 402 bus to take us back home. The benches periodically filled up and emptied out as other busses came and went.
    Approximately 30 minutes in I was faced with an unexpected predicament as an elderly lady with a cane approached the benches, meticulously placing each tiny step. I stiffened in awkward agony trying to determine whether offering my assistance in some way would be helpful or condescending. How was I supposed to help anyway? Should one offer an arm? Cheer the old lady on? Simply pick her up and deposit her on the bench? Before I could come to a definite conclusion, she had made it to my bench and sat down right beside me, leaving a huge expanse of bench on the other side. I smiled aimiably.
    "Bom Dia!" Tht was approximately half of my Portuguese vocabulary. She smiled back in a grandmotherly way and gave me a lengthy reply.
    "Um, I don't speak Portuguese," I explained. She didn't acknowledge that I had spoken, but simply continued her commentary about whatever interesting thing must have crossed her mind. I nodded, smiled, and tried again.
    "I don't speak Portuguese!" She smiled sweetly and appeared to say something about the bus pulling in around the corner. I nodded again, this time in resignation, and focused instead on making appropriate facial expressions, nodding at the right times, and laughing when she seemed amused. When her bus came, I cheerfully waved goodbye to her as she painstakingly stepped away.


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