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Message to Readers

This is the other point of view from my previous poem "One Half" (previously called "Best Friends"). It doesn't matter which you read first, but they are kind of meant to be read as two poems that make up one story. All feedback is welcome. Thanks for reading!

The Other Half

October 16, 2015


It's true that I am white and transparent,
And that you are rich and colorful.

It's true that I am cool and soothing, 
And that you are rough and warm.

It's true that I am dead logic, 
And that you are living faith. 

It's true that I am emotionless, 
And that you are an explosion of feelings. 

It's true that I pull you back and check your power,
And that you push me out of my comfort zone.

We are two opposites, forever circling one another.
One an anchor to reality, one a gateway to the imagination.
Together, we are one whole made of halves. 
Me the calm after a storm, you an explosion of motion. 


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