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Space Recon Unit: Chapter Two

January 21, 2018


Jack and DX went to the control room, which had the essentials. A giant screen, for messages from other ships, some blinking electronics, and really comfortable chairs. The rest of the crew whih included April, the ships medic, Hogan, the ships mechanic, and Karen*, the ships electronic tech, were all there.

”So,” Jack said,”What do you need?”

”Oh, we don’t need...” April began.

”We have a message for you.” A voice in the giant screen said.

Jack suddenly became very nervous,”Uh, hello, Commander Dayton.”

Commander Janice Dayton was the Jack’s boss, and she was getting increasingly anooued that Jack wasn’t doing anything.

”We see you are remaining....idle” The Commander said.

”....I have-“ Jack began.

”No need for excuses...” The Commander interrupted,”You better find something soon.”

”You seem more annoyed then usual,” Jack said,”Is something going on?”

”Yes, the IUPS is in need of a change in autonomy,” The Commander said.

”....Uh, what?”

”It doesn’t concern you now, go find something,” 

And with that, the screen went black. 

* Due to the fact Hogan and Karen aren’t human, and their real names are hard to pronounce, they were given human names.


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  • .audrey michelle.


    I know it's early in the series, but it seems like I've gotten to know Jack. He's quirky and a little irresponsible, but ya' know, that could change. Expect the unexpected!


    about 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    Whenever somebody says that it doesn't concern you, and then hangs up, you know it's bad news.

    Great work, by the way. This is the last thing I'll be reading tonight, so I'm glad it was something good.

    about 2 years ago