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The quote is a song from Big Thief. Yes, Revolutions happen in February for some reason (i don't really know, there's just been more than one example of February revolutions, so i thought i should go somewhere with it). Anyway, constructive criticism welcome.

In January

January 20, 2018

“Burn up with the water
The floods are on the plains
The planets in a rose
Who knows what they contain?
And my brain is like an orchestra
Playing on, insane
Will you love me like you loved me in the January rain?”
            --Mary, Big Thief

All I know is we met in a parking lot in the dead of winter.
All I know is that revolutions happen in February for a reason,
because all of January is waiting
and wondering if blood looks better on snow than on the dust of summer.

All I know is it rained
over the evergreens
in the blankness of a January sky
over the glancing white strips of road markers,
over the black asphalt.

All I know is the beauty of two colors:
red on white
green on grey.

All I know is we spiraled from the planets on their whim
and if we dreamed any bigger
we might have to start a Revolution.

All I know is I’ve never kissed anyone as hard as you:
felt my heart squeeze like the perfect piece of soap
left over from months of thumb and water
caught between the seams of two broken canyons
looking at the sky and seeing nothing.



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