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Hey I'm a seventeen year old aspiring writer and horse trainer! I'm homeschooled and I love serving my God! I enjoy writing, reading, riding my mares, and any kind if sewing or embroidery!

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All That Matters

January 22, 2018


Gregory stalked through the forest, his left hand resting on his sword hilt and his right brushing the thick branches out of his way. He could not go as fast as he would have liked for fear of tripping as the light that filtered through the thick leaves was faint, but he kept on. With each step he took his chest ached. It felt as if someone had driven a dagger into it, and every time he thought about it a pang shot through him. He had been a fool. Again! To be tricked once was pardonable, but to fall for the same trick twice was just humiliating. He had been so sure that Talia was different from Jenna, that she would never betray him. But she did. He thought bitterly and at that thought he felt the dagger twist. 
​    He had gone searching for her as soon as he returned from his assignment. He had found important information regarding the war. He had found her in the palace garden, with her high ranking friends. He hadn't let that bother him. She had always told him rank didn't matter to her and that she would see him anytime.
    He laughed derisively; anytime, right.
​    He had called out to her from a little ways away. She had turned and seen him. When he first saw her he could have sworn she looked glad to see him. Then her expression shifted and she frowned.
​    "What are you doing here, Gregory?" Her voice had sounded annoyed and stopped him in his tracks.
​    "I need to talk to you. It's important." He tried to convey the urgency of his message with his voice. Talia turned away.
​    "Go away, Gregory. I'm busy." She started talking to her friends. That was the moment the dagger plunged into his chest. No, he had thought, not again.
    Gregory slapped at a branch and barely managed to duck in time when it came swinging back at him.
​    "Stupid branch." He muttered continuing on. "Well, it won't happen again." He said to himself. "I'm done with women, especially high ranking ones. They aren't worth the trouble." Twice he had fallen in love with a woman higher than him in social status. Twice his heart had been broken. He would not let it happen again. He was leaving Tenzia and he was not coming back.
​    Gregory continued on, trying not to think about Talia and ignore the pain in his chest. Suddenly, he heard a voice. He froze, listening.
​    "Ahh, I have found you. Thought you could get away, did you?" Gregory didn't recognize that voice, but the sound of the next one drove the dagger deeper into his heart.
​    "Let me go." Talia said. Her voice was defiant. Gregory found himself moving in her direction, the sound of her voice drawing him in just as it had done the first time he heard it.
​     "With all you know?" The man laughed. "You are a fool to think I will let you live."
​     "Please, just let me alone!" Talia said. Her voice still strong, but slightly unsure.
​     "No, you don't deserve to live after all you have done." Gregory had reached the edge of a clearing. In the middle he could see Talia, her golden hair and blue dress shining in the moonlight, and her tormentor, a tall man dressed in green.
​    "I haven't done anything." Talia said. Her voice now sounded desperate as if she was trying to convince herself of that. The man laughed again. 
​    "Oh, so it isn't your fault your family is dead? It isn't your fault your cousin is in the dungeon? It isn't your fault the country is on the brink of war? That the nobles are questioning their rulers?" With each accusation Talia seemed to shrink, her courage fading. 
​    "Please, please stop." She was on her knees now, sobbing. Part of Gregory wanted to run to her. To comfort her and tell her that all of this wasn't her fault. The other part told him that she deserved this. That she should feel the same pain he felt.
    The man towered over Talia and reached for his sword.
​    "And if all that wasn't enough, you played with Gregory's feelings, made him think you cared, then stabbed him in the back." The dagger twisted and the small part of Gregory that stood attached from this scene quietly noted that she had stabbed him in the chest, not the back, but that is irrelevant.   
​    Talia cried out, sinking to her side and tucking her head in.
​    "No! I do care about him. I saved him." Talia was desperate, as if she was trying to convince herself that she was not the terrible person this man said she was. Gregory tensed. What? The man laughed. 
​    "You saved him?" He was mocking her now. "Do you think that is how he sees it? All he knows is that the woman he loved, betrayed him. You turned your back on him, humiliated him. Hurt him in just the way he was hurt before! Made the pain twice as terrible!" 
​   "Please!" Talia shouted. "I did save him. You had archers all throughout that garden. The instant I ran to him, hugged him, showed that I cared, told him I missed him, you would have killed him. Taken him, just like you have taken everyone else I have ever loved." Tears streamed down Talia's face. Her voice broke. "I couldn't let you have him too." 
​    "Do you think he would thank you?" The man asked. "You broke his heart! He hates you now! He probably wishes he had never met you!" Talia cringed with each word the man spoke. When he was done she lay limp on the ground. Out of tears, out of fight.
​    "Please." She whispered one last time. "I love him." At those three words Gregory's heart stopped.
​    Talia lay on the cold hard ground, but she didn't feel any of it. All she felt was the pain in her heart and the guilt over what she had helped accomplish, however unknowingly. Kirnan raised his sword, preparing to end her life. She couldn't bring herself to care. She couldn't fight anymore. She was too tired. Everyone would probably be better off without her. She always seemed to bring harm to those she cared about anyway. The sword swung down, Talia closed her eyes.
​    Suddenly, there was the clash of metal on metal and Talia opened her eyes to see Kirnan in a sword fight with another man. She lay on the ground and watched, silently. The strange man quickly overpowered Kirnan and hit the butt of his sword against Kirnan's  head, knocking him senseless. Then the man turned, sheathing his sword, and walked to Talia. He reached out a hand and pulled her up.
​    "Greg!" Talia said falling into his arms and holding on to him tightly. "I'm sorry, so, so, very sorry." She was crying again, apparently she wasn't out of tears after all, clinging to him. Gregory held her, smoothing a hand down her hair. After a moment he pushed her away a little so he could see her face.
​    "Did you mean what you said to him? Do you love me?" He asked. Talia nodded.
​    "Yes, very much!" She said through her tears. Gregory smiled and kissed her. The dagger slid out of his chest and the wound closed. After a moment he pulled away and whispered.
​    "I love you too." After that he just held her. There were still things they needed to discuss. There were still problems that needed solved and people that needed saving, but for the moment they were safe and together, and that was all that mattered.  
This is a scene I have had in my head for a while. I wanted to write it down. I hope you enjoyed it!

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  • Victoria Penning

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! WRITE MORE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    over 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    I did enjoy it! Sometimes we have to shove away the people we love in order to keep them safe. Though hopefully we don't have to do it often . . . or even at all.
    Great job! God bless!

    over 2 years ago