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I want to call out to my best friends Emilie(Aussie23) and Hadley(BlueWriter). They are amazing people who have inspired me to do better in my life everyday. They have given a real purpose to my life and they have always been there for me. I could not be more grateful. I do not deserve the love that they give me.
Both of you have got me through the most difficult parts of my life and I am eternally thankful for that. Life can be a real struggle sometimes.
I also want to thank everyone on Write the World who has followed me, reviewed my work, and liked my work. I love you all and I would not be here right now without you. Keep up the amazing work.
Tom Hiddleston: Thank you for being Loki and making me smile every day.

Braving Life (Chapter Twenty-Two)

March 3, 2018


    "Jesse?" I whispered apprehensively. "What's up? They're friendly, you can put the gun down. They're letting us go." I carefully placed my hand on my knife, ready to fight if I had to. "Jesse, please put the gun down." He didn't move. "Jesse, please, they're really nice people. I trust them."
    "Baby doll, they're about the last trust worthy people you could ever meet in your life. Including me." Jesse's eyes didn't leave Belladonna's face.
    "What do you mean?" I ignored the fact that Jesse had just called me a baby doll.
    "I mean that Crossfire is a criminal who has killed over 2,000 people with Madame Belladonna by his side the whole time. I was looking through their records. Man, woman, child, it doesn't matter. They would do anything for a bit of power." Jesse's eyes were burning like fire.
    "Jesse, they're helping me," I gasped unable to believe my ears. "They're helping me decipher the prophecy. Please don't shoot."
    "Why not? Do you lack in compassion?" I knew that Jesse would not be quick to let these people go.
    "Make them let us go. We can tell Raska of them," I begged. "I was unforgiving but I did not want to see them be shot like this."
    Belladonna sneered and slowly pulled out a gun from her belt. "Ah, ah. Clever little Jesse. I bet you know more than you would ever let on don't you?"
    Jesse shrugged. "I suppose I do. But it's really not any of your business is it? I got what I wanted and now we're leaving. Jeannie, don't worry about little buggers like them who've cheated on their partners over and over to get into new countries. Like Crossfire here who married a woman from Russia so he could kill an entire city and blame it on his dear wife." Jesse paused. "Or Madame Belladonna who is the wife of six different men."
    "Why?" I stuttered.
    "They were all pretty famous. She managed to keep it quiet though. I don't know how but she really did." Jesse's jaw was set hard. "It's all in the records. Now let us handcuff you. I got these handcuffs from your office so they release you in ten minutes. No key. Are you ready?"
    Belladonna held out her wrist and signaled for Crossfire to do the same. I handcuffed Belladonna while Jesse did Crossfire. We walked out, unscathed. "There's a slight disclaimer," Jesse muttered to me as we breathed air. "There's a bit of glitch in those and they kind of won't unlock without force. We're telling Raska of them. He'll love to have those criminals in his clutches."
    I nodded looking around. "How are we going to get back? I don't recognize this place at all." I raised my eyebrows at him. He really should've figured this out. But of course, he was Jesse.
    "I got a teleport from their office." He grinned cheekily. "They're a little broken so they'll only work once. Ready? I've set the coordinates. One... two... three!"
    Everything spun around me and I landed hard on my knees. I groaned. I had landed on hard concrete. I winced. "My knees...."
    Jesse looked down sympathetically at me. I've done this before so I know how to land. "Let's get you to hospital. You're hurt badly." He threw the teleport aside. "Come on." His arm wrapped under my arms and he supported me. "That was a nasty fall. I should've warned and taught you."
    My knees collapsed under me. "Ow...."
    "Jeannie, it's OK. Your knees are pretty awful I'd bet but you'll be fine. Just help my out here."
    "I can't."
    "I bet you broke your kneecap," Jesse said, almost to himself. "She has medicine to fix broken bones. There won't be any permanent damage. If your injuries were worse it'd be harder but they're not that bad. It was a harsh impact but it wasn't that bad."
    "Says the one who isn't the one who can't stand," I muttered bitterly.
    "Good point," Jesse agreed.
    Suddenly, everything went dark and I collapsed.
Sorry, guys, I know this was ages ago but I'm repubishing this and I'm hoping to work on the next chapter soon.


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