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Message to Readers

"A Million Dreams" resonated with me while I was watching "The Greatest Showman"; I was hence inspired to revise this piece with that sentiment in mind. The piece has thus changed in tone after that, I think, although the underlying message is the same.

Thank you for stopping by! Any feedback is greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed. :-)


January 21, 2018

PROMPT: In Motion

Will the winds, swifter!
Rile the rain, louder!
Spur the storms, brighter!

Just the sensation
of breathing and feeling
will never be enough.

Rebel against gravity,
forget what physics
might ordain;
dreams are meant
to be.

They tussle and spill
over into the day,
leaping out of hibernation
to lurk under my words.

They dare me
to construct a reality better
than in my dreams.
Can't you?
Can't you, too,
make it happen?


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