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Writer's love (poetry)

By: NuHa


Colours of love fading away 
Day by day you're going away 
Objections over objections nothing was left that couldn't keep us apart 
From this material world I want my soul to depart
Love and lust got me so confused 
I chose you but the correct guy was refused 
They say if a writer falls in love with you, you can never die 
But ask me how love and frustration both bleeds through the ink 
How every thing ends within a blink.....

Message to Readers

Hey yaa all actually I'm just a 16 yr old ordinary brown girl delivering my thoughts to all of you guys through poetries and writings hope you guys will love and admire my pieces also do give me reviews ✌ peace ✌

Peer Review

'Love and lust got me so confused.' This line stands out to me because I feel the same way.

I'm left feeling in awe.

I this how you look at the world from a writer's perspective?

Reviewer Comments

I love this! You are soooo talented!