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I love writing. Writing can express feelings in many different ways. We can share what we wish without speaking.
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Practice makes Perfect.
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The Magic Rose

January 17, 2018


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, known as The World, there lived a young girl. The young girl was a princess names Bella. Bella would get sick very often but she would be better just as quick. One day though, she lay in bed, resting, unable to do anything. Her eyelids slowly closed over her bright blue eyes, her long luscious brown curls, uncombed, and tangled. The king and queen were unable to wake the young girl. They wept and wept until finally they dried there tears. They looked for the Old Wizard, for futures, and pasts. They paid him a visit and told him, the young girl would not open her eyes. He saw the future but he could only say so much. The girl would her eyes only, and only, when the magical rose brought by her prince charming is in her hands. The wizard could not say who but he explained that the king or queen could not seek the rose. Only a prince could and the prince could only touch it. The prince would pick the rose and it would sparkle. There was only so much time. The petals would fall off as they are right now and once the last petal falls, the girl will stay in endless slumber. The king immediately announced, whoever would find the magical rose would have Bella's hand in marriage as well as half the kingdom. Among the crowd listening, was a young prince named Charles. Prince Charles was now determined to find the magical rose aware that he must be quick. All the princes searched as soon as word got out. It was rumored that today the last petal would fall. If the last petal fell in the princess' hands, only then she would wake. If it falls elsewhere.. The princes set out looking in the deepest forests. Prince Charles had quite a competition. Th last petal was going to fall at midnight. Two hours left for Prince Charles to find the magic rose. Prince Charles searched and searched and was about to give up. He sat on a huge rock for a few minutes. During that time, the evil mastermind determined to steal all the wealth from the king, Lucas, had found the magic rose. Only five petals remained but first he admired the beauty of the rose. Animals hidden in the forest knew the mastermind Lucas. He had always tortured them whereas Prince Charles always fed and cared for them. They saw Prince Charles earlier in sorrow. The animals were magical and could fight very well. The animals stole the rose as Lucas admired it and ran off. Three took the rose to Prince Charles and the others fought Lucas. Many casualties happened on the animal side but soon Lucas was gone in thin air. Prince Charles saw the animals running to him and stood up. They presented him with the rose and sure enough it had sparkles just like it should. Unfortunately, three petals remained. Once the animals finished off Lucas they also came to join Charles. Inside the animals was a large eagle who offered to fly Prince Charles to the princess. Charles fed them all treats and pet them. The large eagle then took Charles and off they went. The view was beautiful but they had to hurry. It was ten minutes till midnight with two petals remaining. The Prince reached the entrance of the castle and thanked the eagle with a treat. He showed the King the rose and raced up the stairs to the very top. He reached the Princess' bedroom where she lay still. He quickly put the petal in her hand with only ten seconds remaining. The petal fell and her bright blue eyes flew open. Prince Charles had done it. He earned Bella's hand in marriage and half the kingdom. Bella and Charles got married then. And they lived Happily Ever After. 
                                                                                     The End


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