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reviews pLeAsE. reviews without anything constructive are honestly a waste of your time, more than anything. be harsh or whatever when you critique me, but please do.

as for comments, they help a lot lol so if you drop a few, it would be highly appreciated.


February 24, 2018

PROMPT: In Motion

blues, creeping through the crevices of his skin; hiccuping through the faint words of a tethered voice. 

blues, exploding behind his closed eyes; vibrating chords and singing glass and screaming roads, a taut smile and dancing sins.

blues, eliminating the strained sorrow; between the glistening curves of his bones and blood, and the etched melancholy of a dwindling regret.

blues, whispering to him; lulling him to nightmares, stabbing the fragile sheen of memories, healing the broken records of poignant days.

blues, wounding his parchment skin; inching closer to his numb chest, transforming his marrow to ice, a disease.

blues, blues, blues, blues.


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